An inexperienced Webmaster Help

inadvertently. It’s been another long year. At this point the mood is very contradictory, do not know how to express. Writing this article is to get the webmaster friends help, did not see before thanks in advance.

in March 27th, what he did couldn’t see the way ahead. He knew nothing of the dead end or anything else. Some want to retreat, but retreat but also nowhere to find (because work is not easy to find). Retreat will also be laughed at by most people, the pressure is really big. Even though I like what I do. But everything should proceed from reality, and if the food is not eaten, can such a realistic thing be considered? When I came to this industry with confidence, I was disheartened today.

I started in January 12th, and it wasn’t long ago. Because the original idea of simple, but not expected today’s things. I didn’t expect my confidence to grind so quickly. For 2 and a half months, it would be impossible to say what I should do. But 2 and a half months would not let me see what the light would be like tomorrow or next year, or darkness. Students are working one by one, although there are good points, but it is considered a stable job, not every day thinking about Baidu, when can I stand to a good ranking?. Every day I wonder when I can earn my money for dinner, not with my family.

On the surface of

was graduated, annoying is a graduation design, 2, online selling 400 / A. For me this day to eat vegetables in small webmaster but half life. Annoying things go beyond that, write more ready to cry.

to this point, no longer dare to go home with money, but also from time to time to make a phone call home, said, "I’m here all right, eat, sleep well, let the family worry.". I’ve been worrying about my family for so many years. Although a family, but all graduated, alas,


Baidu didn’t treat me like this before, instead, K gave me more than 100. Home page has not been included, today even more bitter blow. I was thinking that my skills were not up. There’s no better way to do it. Should I go and find a meal first, and then talk about the website?. With one or two more intimate friends talk about, although they banter me (not pragmatic), but agreed with my idea.

in fact, the reason for the depressed mood is that in the last week, advertising began to stop at the station, traffic has been dropped, lost a week, it was just half of the fall. I don’t know because of advertising or other problems.

had not involved in this industry before, like everything in the hands, to this day, although the knowledge is not many, but the more you know, the more feel powerless. I want to let the webmaster brothers pointing out my novice. I now work side to do standing or continue to adhere to the professional station,


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