Advertising is the distinction between high Adsense of what see

any site and blog, just put on advertising, want as much as possible to increase revenue. Even if the same topic is the webmaster have said thousands of times, though I passed Google Adsense non income is very low, before going to receive the second check of Google (from the first to receive a check, just over two months), I want to share my experience here. Because I personally just put the Google advertising relationship, this blog only use Google Adsense as an example.

Donnie Yen in the "IP MAN 2" which said: "people have different personality, not humble". On the contrary, the Google Adsense ad code are almost the same, but the actual application are as different as heaven and hell. When it comes to advertising is high or low, I’m not talking about the advertising click price, but said that a good advertisement only, are most willing to go by, the value will be displayed. I will discuss the Google advertising settings in the following aspects.

blog theme, select

many times, when blogging, for example using WordPress, you decide on the topic’s theme in terms of choosing themes. Later, when you need to add Google advertising, you will find that many sizes are not able to fit in well, otherwise it will appear beyond the fixed frame, and may even change the appearance of the whole theme. At this point, you have to choose the smaller size of the ads, and these ads usually leave some space for people to feel less pleasing to the eye.

I use my

English blog WordPress theme, this theme could begin to design has considered the Google advertising, so the size of the design is convenient for the Adsense advertising layout, for example in my home just put a 300*250 ad:


because the theme size and advertising size is perfect, it is easy to feel that advertising is originally part of this site, naturally not so easy to exclude. On the contrary, the size of the top text of my Chinese blog is not appropriate:


The red part of

is more than the blank position. The ad is in the middle, which is very inconsistent with the text of the article. It is much worse on the right. However, it can only choose the same arrangement as the main text to the left. When choosing the theme of the blog blog, if the purpose is to make money, you can consider the size of each region, in contrast to the Google Adsense size, whether suitable to do it again. If your entire program is written by yourself, you can be more free to consider the seamless insertion of advertising. But, of course, if you’re a webmaster, use a fixed program >

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