Backed by Ali the social electricity supplier micro blog marriage door in the end how

micro-blog Ali acquired eighteen percent of the shares, we must all know the news. For Ali always wanted to stay in the social business, adding to a certain extent improve its own electricity supplier sector layout Sina micro-blog, and Sina have been intended to be realized, their precious flow so that they seem to win. But is that really the case?. I think any electricity supplier should think about this question.

to talk about Sina micro-blog, after 2011 in the limelight after Sina micro-blog seems to deviate from the development in its own way, too quick for micro-blog’s content quality declined sharply, in addition, for everyone Sina this product innovation is not high also gradually lost patience. The strong impact of the two factors led to the prosperity of sina and micro-blog, but the inside has long been fraught with danger. Look at the user viscosity gradually decreased and the flow rate of the sharp decline, Sina executives apparently than anyone worried, seeing once the most perfect cake is not cash, the heart certainly very worried. So Ali shares at this time for temporarily unable to find rescue method executives suddenly see the hope that cooperation between the two sides hit it off, so the logical executives also got the cash. Perhaps this is the focus of the money effect of the development strategy, so that micro-blog is now becoming more electricity supplier accessories, completely become a tool in the hands of others.

In fact, if the

crisis micro-blog can face their own difficulties, and to improve the quality of content and reforming entertainment properties, then Sina micro-blog, who can say no chance? May have too many friends said, micro-blog behind a strong rival to WeChat, but in 84 stationmaster think WeChat and micro-blog is the two seemingly identical, but different products, development of both were not in a line, micro-blog heavy social, WeChat heavy overall, micro-blog made the same as the vertical function of a successful example, do not need special fear. But now that these have been too late, kidnapped micro-blog has more to service providers now look at the micro-blog content interface, advertising content or so much, not only that, Sina official also began to add flash purchase shopping plate, do like you look like shopping in micro-blog, although the official for the grassroots large advertising push began to limit, but for large they also can not spare none now because of micro-blog, they will support it, so for the advertising is also open one eye closed. Although Sina began to decline, but there are still some marketing value, so in 84 stationmaster also above done some coupon promotion activities, the effect is OK, but somewhat sad, because a good platform would be flooded with money.

said so much, everyone should know that I married Sina micro-blog into Ali’s attitude?. Although only eighteen percent of the shares, but it was like Ali took control of micro-blog, is a bit cold, if you want to ask why, not that Ali group is a means, "

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