Building platform credibility is the first step from the media age

recently as the word from the media is very hot, I saw a data from the Internet, Sina micro-blog reached 536 million people in 2013 registration of the data, of course there may be a number of people of the phenomenon, but also shows that micro-blog this important way since the media is very hot. Sina micro-blog said it has been in development for several years, the rapid rise has become mature, users brush micro-blog’s appeal to sum up, in fact, reflect more and more concentrated in the following aspects: that is the negative impact of social public events accountability "and" daily or specific events the emotional catharsis "and" protection of vulnerable groups, engaged in "micro public welfare activities". Micro-blog also greatly meet the aspirations of Internet users in the process, has accumulated valuable micro power".

when we see the positive significance micro-blog brings to us, we should also see that it is also mixing more and more irrational voices and becoming an important base for inventing and spreading rumors". The spread of false information "fission" by micro-blog, micro-blog and domestic users of the overall presentation of the low education, content fragmentation, vulgar tendency and other characteristics, brought the micro-blog communication developed, so a more realistic problem of credibility. Then according to this phenomenon, we need to create a good micro-blog this platform from the media credibility, don’t let such a powerful media platform, has become a "hearsay" into the mouth, so we need to do the following? I would like to analyze their views


one, media micro-blog needs more rigorous, cautious release micro-blog, do "gatekeeper"

in the dissemination of information, the source credibility is actually depends on the credibility of communicators and professional authority, this is to look at this micro-blog who is sent, "hearsay" is not who made everyone believe. From this point of view, the media’s competitive advantage in the real world still works in the micro-blog world. At the moment, the traditional media is still an important source of information for micro-blog. Traditional media information has been reproduced by more than half of micro-blog’s opinion leaders. Precisely because of this, once the media micro-blog released or reproduced false information, the chain reaction and impact can be imagined.

the current development of media micro-blog become an effective exploration of traditional media to deal with the challenges of the new media era. Need to use the media’s own talent, technology and resources of micro-blog media, do the "gatekeeper", build a good information platform for screening and verification; need a reliable management process and issue audit mechanism to set a good, professional and effective integration of large pieces of information needed to establish information; the rapid reaction mechanism, publish authoritative information, to avoid the two error spreading false information; in the major social events follow up and promote the heritage, media rigorous style of its own, and enhance the blogger interaction, play a positive role in order to ease the mood, and guide public opinion. As a professional media communicator, you need to follow the trend in the micro-blog world

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