Enhance real click promote rank rush

Baidu algorithm constantly updated, the number of the chain is now not the best factor in determining the ranking of the site, but the user real click. Some time ago Baidu Baidu intimate search, I think we all know why Baidu should the Baidu intimate search, Baidu’s goal is to create a better user experience, even Baidu have to start from the user, so as a webmaster can you do? Do you want to get the ranking by piling up do I want to junk the chain, which has the possibility is very low. Therefore, the emergence of Baidu intimate search, we should proceed from the user’s point of view to build a site.

now personally feel that regardless of your site has been very good, or are not working, so you want to build from the user’s point of view, whether inside or outside the station needs to be careful to do, do not forget the amount of corruption matter. Well, then I’ll show you how to build real user clicks.

first, build site proper noun "


, the proper name for a site must be very low competition, then this time we create real users, click on relatively simple. Because the proper noun, usually your site without any punishment, your site ranking is generally in the first, at this time you can vigorously publicize your site proper nouns.

second, the external construction of the chain

1, low quality outside the chain (increase the scope of the chain domain)

low quality, usually in popularity is relatively weak and very low weight platform construction. If a chain source platform are not what popular words, so the chain quality of your construction is high not to go, because you are building the chain basically no traffic, no traffic alone hits. Therefore, like this case we can still build, as long as the chain platform with our site theme line, then we can build, the only requirement is that the number of construction is not too much, which have included the case of 1~2 on it. Some may say why low quality to construction? I want to say is now outside the chain of high quality is not so good construction, and we can extend the breadth of our chain domain through some low quality of the chain platform, so it can greatly reduce the prevalence of the chain packing.

2, high quality outside the chain (construction difficult)

high quality outside the chain, usually in the construction of more popular, restrictions on the higher requirements of the platform. Such as A5, Adsense nets, Lu Songsong blog, like this larger popular popular site above construction of the chain of words, then it must be high quality outside the chain. Why,


1), in this construction is more difficult, the article must be published with high-quality, readable

2), these sites above, popularity is more prosperous. You publish the article successful content will have a lot of people to click, in Liuhe >

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