After the website is done do not change to website too big

actually I have failed as a webmaster, by the end of 05 was formally to a station, it was a friend’s relatives was just on the maintenance of website, website is very interested in, basically no technology, no own website. Until the end of 05 in order to officially do a decent site, in fact, also know the basic knowledge of site, SEO these do not understand. 06 years to have an own small website, because the company is in the maintenance of tourism website, so at that time on this little, do an outdoor site, but for two months, did not give up traffic. Then did another travel website, but rarely updated, IP only about 300, and later was bought by a friend, sold more than 5000, is considered the first income.

said a story under his own, is a thing of the past, far below, say some experience some things the development of a tourism website encountered now under the earlier this year and this period of time, and other friends to share.

my travel station) is the domestic and foreign tourist sites, specifically introduced the domestic and foreign tourist attractions information, every piece of information is edited by hand, belongs to the pseudo original, can also be said to be information aggregation; because I will find as much detail as possible to perfect each scene, and add in time according to the meaning of editing and proper adjustment, such as pictures, transportation, accommodation, tickets and so these are try to find the latest and most complete information.

was a few months before the traffic has been on the rise, and PV in the same industry website is not bad, basically reached 1:15, although with the novels and picture stand far, but through understanding, many friends of the same site PV only about 1:5, personal feel good, ha ha.

but in the very beginning, I made a mistake, because of the PHP program, the space is Linux, forget Linux on letters are different, but when I was planning to hurry, take the first letter of each directory all uppercase letters, and in there Google Webmaster Tools see n page is not found, but the page ranking is good; although there is Baidu home page keyword ranked first, but basically no page ranking. Later changed to the directory, wrote a letter for the case, I made a mistake again, and lead to Google n where multiple pages can’t find Baidu, there is the same as before, I thought only slowly search engine update, a few months will be good.

not a few days, the server is unstable, every time Baidu update, hang up, hang up is a night, has been going on for months. Then there was a depressing thing, my website was copied in the past, seems to be a station to download the past, including links and advertising, the template is that the site does not as like as two peas, the other contact, not with the webmaster exchange.


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