Enterprise operation will get rid of lose money status

electricity supplier in the growing today, small and medium-sized enterprises in traditional industries education industry gradually to extend business, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises into this platform, it is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has created tens of thousands of people dream of wealth, at the same time, also makes a lot of enterprises are facing the collapse of the Internet, the era of electricity providers, has not had the low the high cost of return time, what are talking about money, no ads, no publicity, no promotion, just like a needle in the ocean, and how to find customers can not find. Bidding, train, Amoy, portal advertising, all kinds of ways to make a large number of advertisers increasingly can not afford the money for, click volume is not. The situation of "quick money burning" and "loss making" has formed the biggest "unspoken rule" in the magical and colorful industry of e-commerce".

in 2011, Jingdong gradually began to collect delivery costs, in the current Dangdang also need to receive promotional fees, verified the following questions:

1, more companies are trying to get rid of the "loss" status,

free, half off, the whole network zero profit and a series of promotions is just marketing gimmick, e-commerce is the best platform for early "magic trick" of consumers, gradually become the object of imitation in various enterprises, some traditional industries inside into live large shopping malls must share the advertising fee and a variety of promotional activities of hydropower costs, but a conversion to a business platform when offered to pool fee will had many knowledgeable people in half alive exchange will have this question: "why not to commercial customers to the newspaper TV? Not to the Internet platform that these traditional media to pay the


2, electronic business platform can get rid of the economic market bubble

e-commerce can change out of the doldrums of the bubble market, it takes time to verify.

from 09 years to now, the entire electricity supplier market is crazy. Small and medium-sized enterprises, the same is true of customers, even the onlookers are unaware of the truth, the masses and spectators alike. Tmall settled standard: the siege of the Jingdong; mall delivery fee: ridicule; Suning Gome Jingdong announced zero profit: Yi refute; dangdang.com received promotion field fee: be fooled. We have no way of identifying where these objections come from, and most of all, do the professionals understand the impact of this "unspoken rule" on the industry?.

now, electronic business platform has not really "perish" period, many enterprises began to reflect on, and temporarily ignore their way is reasonable, that can be regarded as a good news. More small and medium enterprises by reducing advertising costs and reduce costs of operation, Taobao Smart: Southern China district service all outsourced to third party companies to reduce costs; Jingdong becomes clouded, the group purchase business outsourcing to handle network; each enterprise in the market to get rid of the foam at the same time, is also seeking the lowest cost operation, now outsourcing companies are also more and more, than >

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