How local sites quickly make money 1

this section of the course called "rescue field" is actually a fill in, support, please everybody take care of!!!


last time that was about the "local site how to make money fast" initial article – simply speaking, is an overview or summary of

this course focuses on the preparation of the site’s operations, with the aim of sharing experiences with the following 27149 complete experiences,

expounded limited ability, but also ask you to forgive me:)

preliminary preparation, refinement,

The site of

27149 was planned in 2007 October (including the site’s framework and references to other sites and

Kam, simple market diagnosis and Research), began recruitment in November, began interviews and related data design in December, at


, a week before the training business, began printing promotional materials in January 3rd,

, which started operations in January 7th

site was opened after the year, has been a picture of the year before, that is presented in the publicity material.

begins with formal content refinement,

1, that is the site of the key planning period, market investigation and research

, after the last class, many friends have consulted this question, today here 27149 of the personal experience to share with you,

market research thoroughly and focus of the work is to divide the market, to facilitate future business development, the first is to put the local city commercial district into several blocks, and then select several major industries in this several big business district, then according to the location of the industry, directly under the market, in store consultation, chat get the boss made contact, the bosses know the extent of the website, and make a record of the network division keen level, business development to with the beginning, everything is hard in the beginning, the business is so early to open up the market, do not personally go running, or to go with people running, it is difficult to their business to do together. With this first-hand information this month will not white; the other hand thinning, site framework, friends are playing in the station station said more was a joke, is the main reference to other city or is currently ranked in the top 100.

added: 27149 selected industry is clothing, to Taobao and Alibaba site for reference, relying on

: the cost of a month; the fare 100RMB (before half the cost of more to 60RMB, the basic route of the late fixed telephone charges (about 150); free incoming calls, the main message of search network telephone consultation and verification is true); meals a day to eat dinner at home, breakfast and lunch in the outside. April at around 800RMB (originally 600RMB enough, but on two directly to 800RMB); rent a month (650RMB flat-share, hydropower >

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