Current trends in forums to see future developments

summer is finally going to be over, seemingly webmaster party are finished, so now to talk about the meeting summary, purely personal point of view, not love can also throw tomatoes, don’t slobber it!

recently in the Ali Mama webmaster general assembly, listened to an overview of the development of several webmaster’s "big brother" figure on the Internet, found that if WEB2.0 has now than remote, because SNS has become the theme, but also began to alienate the WEB2.0 SNS.

SNS should be what? Site new mode now mostly, seemed very serious from the old ideas before, it also witnessed the rapid development of the Internet, the feeling is very good, because we are in progress every day, isn’t it! But in SNS, I saw more previous problems and found no problem!

SNS is currently the biggest problem is the profit, not to be a SNS SNS that, if there is no profit, and bigger, only Ma, to find a rich man, take the money to drop to euthanasia, then why so many people are willing to do SNS? We first analyze the SNS trend, so we will to better understand the


SNS I will not explain the meaning, to see the school network (Note: I don’t want to wait for the next comment that I’m in advertising, the net inside school if I was, I don’t have time in this and we discuss this) will know, the concentration of SNS users, as the polymerization. But the difference is that SNS can not really profitable, because the SNS does not have what allows users to go to the place of consumption, and SNS separated from the main station, the forum format, now mostly SNS have a discussion group, forum will be abandoned? I think we need to find further examples in order to know whether SNS can replace the group discussion forum, from the original DIGG, the discussion group is also able to do a simple circle function only, but if the group SNS instead of the circle, it is 360 times to worry! (personal opinion, or need heroes and future entrepreneurs to witness to us.)

SNS in my contact since, in addition to entertainment, it concentrated SNS is a similar to the member center, should be big or friend, at least not see more than a few SNS, hope to know more friends can tell me! A member center no content, no function, to make friends the platform, let some people focus on the idea of the group really do not know who want to come out, but there is a sense of guilt,

!If the

SNS of 2008 is the first year, I really want to know, if the SNS wave, so many webmaster will follow the trend of the transition to SNS on, really do not know that SNS will develop into what, but it will abandon the SNS forum and the content of


can now say that the forum belongs to every big one

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