Good net CEO Zhou Liang speaks the nternet


              in the webmaster Heroes (XiAn Railway Station) forum, good network CEO Zhou Liang and the webmaster to share website experience. Webmaster nets will Zhou Liang wonderful share for everyone to tidy up for the following points:


;       first, do not make flowers in the greenhouse

                I have been in Xi’an for so long, but also feel the advantage is obvious, obviously where? What is the low cost, no major competitors, we in 2006 can not find direct competition in this way, then the advantage will become a disadvantage, like a hothouse flowers will slowly die, so go slowly began to develop, now look at the overall environment in Xi’an is very good.


true skill and genuine knowledge to get money

              I think the Internet industry, holding a dream to do the Internet, wasn’t found in the process of doing, you can’t get no true skill and genuine knowledge. The more you want it, the less you come, and if you do, your product must be a failure.


;       three, do something useful to the user


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