The website must have core values honesty is the growth ladder

more and more want to rely on his own cleverness in the Internet industry to dig a bit of gold left, such as operating some of the rubbish site, through the optimization of cheating way to enhance the website ranking, for example. A few years ago the popular L-carnitine and slimming products list, now these spam sites have ceased to exist, because these sites do not have integrity in order to achieve the dream, China apparently cannot do without core values, and integrity is the focus of this core value, a website without honesty is not the soul, nature is very difficult to succeed.

How can

a site to enhance credibility? Many people may think that as long as you in the Internet marketer for longer periods of time, then the credibility of the site will be higher, this time to change the trust way is one of them, but for most impatient want a quick breakthrough webmaster friends, this time to change the trust mode of operation is obviously inappropriate, sometimes even if you spend a lot of time in the operation of the site, if you are not the same method not to be able to obtain the corresponding success. In this regard, the author believes that we can start from the following aspects.

first, choose a better quality space server, that is, the virtual host. For the sake of cheap many owners do not pay attention to this piece of work, often choose some very low value of server space, look yourself make cheap, but the low quality of the space is very prone to problems, domain name space, domain name and pan analytical problems, leading to the site every two or three days open. When a website is not a stable state is easy to let customers think this site too casually, and where is the integrity of the


second to promote brand publicity. A website of the level of integrity and the circle has a clear relationship, is the so-called Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. if your site appears frequently, the high degree of credibility and brand portal website headlines, or become the partner site, believe that your site will therefore immediately become a powerful competitor brand website in this regard, as a webmaster, from the beginning to pay attention to brand publicity, even started to spend money to speak their own website to advertise on a lot of high reputation of the brand website, so as to make the site can become the brand website guest, because for many portals, as long as you spend money on advertising but, your website is also very formal, it will be able to get a good position for publicity, so as to enhance the brand attributes of your web site.

third high quality design and focus on user experience. A website can have attractive role in one eye, often can effectively enhance the impression in the minds of users, this is beginning to further enhance the website ranking and trust, so as a site from the beginning to pay attention to the quality of design, improve the design quality, flat approachable operation and clean the picture, even the advertising page also allows users to have a desire to see. "

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