Share the promotion strategy of Jilin Guangjia lifting platform

I do is Jilin Guangjia lifting platform many friends might seem strange to lift platform, similar to the lifting tool price is very expensive, especially in the network marketing trust is very worthy of our concern, how to let the customer trust, how to solve the problem about the customer, how to do the promotion of lifting platform is a very troublesome problem, I give you here by my promotion plan introduced, for reference only.

1, the initial construction of the site

site early construction scheme is to select keywords I query Baidu index, then do not select the lifting platform of a big word can first choose XX lifting platform such words as the home page TITLE, updated every 5 papers containing products 2, two pieces of news, articles are original, the original product actually not so difficult and you just need to use their own language to describe the product can be a good. It is noteworthy here, do not just send a product, each product will be illustrated, showing his authority to allow customers to purchase intention is very strong, such as "professional’s authority", "long" 10 years XX marketing lifting platform for this kind of words can give a person with great confidence the phone number, to call on the picture that other companies were collected timely pictures of your products he also no way. Accumulate over a long period until the collection intact, must adhere to every day. This job is enough for 30 minutes a day,

2, the release of the chain construction

many people have said that the construction of the chain, and I do not have to say, in fact, very simple, as long as you can find some can set the signature of the forum, and then everywhere post replies, you can. Remember to post a little not advertising posts don’t advertise your products, it is best to send in some gossip online reprint articles, because there is a link to your signature, or delete number one. The author because of this has suffered losses, here recommend several forums, A5 (although 10 yuan certification, but absolutely worthy of registration), seowhy, HC, and so on, are good forums, and you can set the signature. Other places outside the chain to find their own, the chain to average down, not a day of hair a lot, a lot of day without hair, my practice is every day from 10 to 11:30 hair chain, and then eat. The number of chains, almost every day on those. Persistence will surely see the effect.

3, write articles to large websites

may be a lot of people very lazy, but I say a little, you contribute an article, probably a pile of websites to reprint this article, I want you to understand!


4, classification information and blog construction

classified information is very important, especially the large lifting equipment such as lifting platform, Baidu keywords, search a lot of XX lifting platform are those shops and classified information, you can go to search a look which classified information website ranking and continued update every 1 hours a day of time to do it. I was.

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