The life philosophy of Chinese chess and the management of its website

– beyond the world, the two species in the account as you sit, millions of lion dash, since I stand, qianyifaerdongquanshen. Pointing Jiangshan, a certain military aircraft, nrk. You do have this style? Website operators such as chess, not others, adhere to their own certain goals, adhere to their own way, not in without hesitation and wandering in wasted a lot of chances, but sometimes only a trick to defeat the enemy.

– use wisdom to walk the world, Chicco chip, and no adverse to. A set of natural, and as a whole, chest Luo Vientiane, his country, in the battlefield, not. The ancient "and" one said, the enterprise will not taboo is war phase. As the saying goes, "three stooges, one Zhu Geliang!"." While operating the website, you can experience the feeling of the members of the website and ask for feedback and feedback from your users. Maybe they are your brains. When is the time of day, location is a prerequisite for the site, and is a member of the group and website with thinking and model including the national policy and the search engine "reasonable, do get along" Station Road "is with" tao.

ma – "book your Shouying, your horse, a" character "Yin long river, Wan Li Zhi has storage." A horse is an indomitable spirit. The legendary horse is a beast, war horse, and will be able to sit down together, no good colt, showing a good horse is prerequisite and prerequisite for the good. As the saying goes "non horse and the horse does not bole, bole." Do the same thing, the opportunity may be in front of you, and you do not know to seize the opportunity to lose the road, too late to regret. We should have this horse of hardship, hard work, indomitable spirit, network warfare (non site) as well as the battlefield, you should first learn to do or learn to recognize the first horse horse


– seize the opportunity, seize the enemy, and erect the stamp. "Give me a chance. I’ll kill an enemy."". No need to go through many detours, as long as the route and policy is correct, it will directly achieve the goal. Cars, such as life, take many detours, perhaps you see the target sprint, did not expect to have a "gun" in the process of your trip has been hidden, you did not realize the back of the alignment with you. The car to go is a shortcut, do the same, in fact the website operation process there are many shortcuts, you see the key and find good and bad, but when you think there is a shortcut to go and tread on air time, don’t forget your defense behind the "gun", a "gun" perhaps your competitors, perhaps is the search engine, perhaps unexpected policy.

cannon – no need to hit the enemy head-on, kill invisible, keep an inch of light. Is a transposition master. Give me a fulcrum and a goal, and I can change the different ways to beat you the most. Do the same station, when you encounter problems, when you encounter difficulties, you can stand in your own position, you can stand in each other’s position, you can stand on the sidelines of the position, and even can stand in a look down >!

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