Would you like to vote for China grassroots webmaster

would like to talk to you today about the difficulties Chinese webmasters are facing and looking for new breakthroughs. I am also a small webmaster. Useful words in the text of the place, please ask the old webmaster advice.

I believe that most webmasters are concerned about the latest e-commerce law and the 2010 China e-commerce policy interpretation and prediction research report. No, I can go to http://s.www.texindex.com.cn/Articles/2010-3-26/200960_1.html to see

in order to regulate the Internet information services, promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet information services, according to the State Council Order No. 292nd "Internet information services management approach" and the Ministry of information industry order No. thirty-third of the "non operating Internet information service record management measures" provisions of national licensing system for the management of Internet information services, the non operating Internet the information service registration system. Those who do not obtain permission or fail to fulfill the formalities for archival filing shall not engage in Internet information services, otherwise they are illegal.

relevant departments nationwide to carry out remediation activities did not record sites, for no operating permit or non operating ICP filing website, will be fined or closed the site.

it could be a good thing for some big Internet companies and rich companies. But for us these grassroots webmaster, is undoubtedly a fist blow, how many dozen guerrilla webmaster and some rely on the gray industry to make money, to take into account their livelihood. Let me talk to you about a conversation with QQ, a friend of mine. I’m a business oriented website. He is a navigation network. And there’s nothing to talk about, it’s from a personal point of view.


was sorting out his goods that day, a friend got angry and sent them to me. Let me see the rules of the E – commerce law. Look after playing I smiled: "Oh, how should the provisions of the. "It’s a lot less competition for us," friend: "dizzy, that’s what you see. Do you know how many grassroots leaders work for you? You didn’t come to your head. You don’t care.". You really want to hit you don’t say! "I said:" to my head would permit it, this is the history we are unable to change the wheel shaft. The only thing I can do is to be silent in silence, or to be silent in revolt." A friend said: "halo, you seem to see through the red. What is the axis wheel of history, must the wrong development continue? Is it true that the opposition is backward and backward?. Are the people who agree with you right? Some of the small stations, though, are writing about the grey industry on the internet. But they have an indelible contribution to the spread of the Internet culture." I said, "you’re a young man who always focuses on these things. Why don’t you do your own thing? It’s a step the Internet has to take.". The administration of these guerrilla units earlier will also significantly reduce China’s botnet. Optimize the country’s Internet industry. For me later on

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