My website production experience

because there is no independent or team to develop a more formal website experience in the development of my travel website I love this can be said to be "stones", a lot of things are learning by doing, in the actual production found in the original formulation of the plan is not reasonable, not the wrong plan to modify. Of course, I also learned a lot in the production of this website.

During the mid term inspection of

, Mr. Lai raised objections to our use of the frame, and felt that the scroll bar was not conducive to the appearance and required modification. I think there are three kinds of modification method was: 1. all made navigation files using ASP link file, the navigation links to the corresponding position; 2. modify the relevant code, beautify the border; 3. do not use frames, each page is full page. Because I have always opposed the change of a static web page into ASP, and if I do that for navigation, I don’t think it’s necessary, so I exclude the first one, but the code of the beautification box has not been found. In the end, I chose the third simplest looking solution, which made the late changes of the website very complicated.

finished the web page template, I have been making forums, made a very humble forum. In the development process of the forum, I realized that the realization of the basic functions of the forum is not complicated, the database requires only a few users, such as post column, table, and then through the code query, judgment, display and update operations. But this is only the basic function of the forum, and there are many functions on the online forums. I feel powerless to improve those functions. Finally, through a full group discussion, we decided to give up our idea of developing the forum and use the BBSXP forum as our website’s forum.


, I started thinking about blogging, and I tried almost all of the online ASP Based Chinese blogs. I like zblog very much. Unfortunately, it’s just a single user blog program that doesn’t meet the requirements. In the end, I chose the powerful oblog. We make simple changes to zblog and BBSXP, and merge the data together, and then complete the entire site with the pages of other team members.

through this production site m process, I personally have the following points of experience:

1. is very important in making a website plan. A good plan can detail the relevant content of the website, the division of labor among the members, and save a lot of time for the later production. The progress of team development seems to be slower than in practice, and should be well prepared when making plans.

2. team members of the collaborative development of the web site is a very difficult, uneven distribution team level, work should be a detailed description of each corner details, otherwise unexpected questions.

3., when making web sites, can’t be greedy for what the end result will be like, so do it from the start, or else I’ll always appear "> >"

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