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Tencent is really a great company, WeChat’s appearance is to subvert the QQ. In my previous article, "grassroots media operations guide," said, from the media people to multi platform development, QQ space and WeChat public number synchronous send articles.

The interaction of

space is good, but the reading experience is not as good as that of WeChat. There are some people around, just use WeChat, not QQ, this trend is more and more obvious.

The best time for the

to operate the public numbers has been missed, and now, and the chance, it’s too late. Some of the public number of names naturally have a lot of traffic, but has been registered almost, such as "micro quotient" and so on.

here refers to the "public number" operation refers to the individual number, if you can contact the enterprise number later, and then talk about relevant experience. Grassroots operations public numbers, entirely from scratch, planning, writing, promotion, implementation, details, have to do everything.

every grassroots, from the media, is very worthy of respect, whether he succeeds or not. This article tells you some personal experiences for reference only.


1, positioning. No matter what plan I make, I always put my position first. Refer to the individual location advantage, industry trends, and then to go to.

when someone asks me for advice, I’d like to ask him what he likes and what he is good at. I can’t write articles from the media.

positioning must be accurate, in order to attract only accurate fans. Even the Secretary General of the United Nations can’t make everyone his fan, let alone our niche. For example, some of the public numbers are: "teach you a dish every day."". I don’t write anything either. The article is mainly about operations.

positioning also includes personal ideas. I play the role of public number as a learner and a partner, with the goal of an original article every day.

2, time. Three years to lay the foundation, reputation has initially; five to ten years for the rise, continuous maintenance.

3, profitable. If you want to make a profit, you should not rush to make a profit. Fame, popularity, and any way are profitable. My plan is to have ten thousand fans to consider profitability.

4, strategy. Do not seek rapid, adhere to the original. Stay different and use time to build personal influence.

two, creative.

1, writing. He who has bread in his hand is afraid of his heart. An original article every day requires a great deal of knowledge. My knowledge reserves come from: (1) reading and taking notes. (2) thinking. (3) network platform. 4 personal experiences. Even listening to the sound books when you go out for a walk?

2, editing and typesetting. Here are some specific settings:

(1) row spacing should be 1.5 times the default


(2) paragraph should be line spacing >

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