Website revision in view of the new station website optimization program

    (New Cool 6) because of the increasing traffic to the site, the server repeatedly appears to be limited bandwidth, after replacing the room and expand the server configuration timely, website revision work is nearing completion, according to the new version of the on-line, on the website of the optimization scheme of the draft of this list, because the optimization plan also involves the company some optimization techniques so it is not original, but most of the content are listed. Day edge hoping to optimize experience all of its available to everyone, and are also eager to each big website professional responsible for SEO friends to communicate, so in the premise of not harm the interests of the company under the portal website optimization details we need familiar to everyone, hoping to help.

one, website structure is perfect,

hyperlink Optimization:

1. URL Optimization:

optimizes the URL of the site into a higher weight url. (U all uses static URL, and does not appear " in URL;? " " =" "%" and " &; " " $" and so on. However, our page should not have this problem

2. completes the station link:

related to the link between the various pages of the station, this is very important, to do this, you can use the website of the internal links in the revision of the early establishment of a number of backlinks for important keywords page. (backlinks are between pages and pages, not between websites and websites. Therefore, the links between the pages within the website are also reciprocal links, which are very useful for ranking


3.URL directory needs to be simplified:

search engine is generally only two to three will go to grab the tolerance level directory under the file, not more than 4 layers, unless it is a particularly high quality page. Directories like this can no longer go down the

navigation structure optimization:

The optimization principle of

navigation structure is not only to be friendly to users, but also to satisfy the accessibility of search engines, such as: clothing investment, clothing franchise, clothing brand,……… This is a bonus for every channel page.

search engine will appear many times on this site links to give full attention, are of great help to the improvement of the PR value, this is every web page of the web page level is generally higher than that of other reasons, because each sub page are on the home page for the link.

content structure optimization

content optimization is also the most basic content of the website structure optimization.

what do you suggest:


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