Use flow alliance promotion do a week tens of thousands of P

I was an ordinary webmaster, before Baidu ametabolous, IP, tens of thousands of Baidu one day at that time, many people find me advertising, advertising, film and video security channel, as well as selling adult sexual things for me, I was very greedy. So the net, as long as the price is reasonable, I will pick one of the.

until last year, Baidu’s algorithm began to change wildly. A few days have changed, my former SEO method useless. And at Baidu crazy K station, my station is given K light. It’s depressing. However, because in Baidu included in the time, my website has accumulated a lot of loyal visitors, so although the station was Baidu K, but there are still more than 10 thousand of the day IP. Advertising for a month is about a few hundred dollars, almost the server can not afford. After a week of depressing, I began to explore new ways of making money and making money. There is a friend recommended me to do the KOOIP flow (, he called the alliance I accumulated a day can earn 100 dollars, the money is another advertising 5 times! They alliance ad code more attractive, especially suitable for pictures and movie station station, click rate of at least 30% to above! However, a certain level of income. KOOIP flow alliance is really good, I have observed a few days, found that the use of KOOIP traffic and horse alliance to do dumpster few people actually, because they may be relatively strict audit checks!

after accumulating for some time, I went to a new station —- human body art website. Because Baidu is not so good SEO, so I want to promote by other means. After thinking for a long time, I plan to take with the old IP station, which used to be only about 1W. Then I changed the KOOIP traffic Federation’s accumulation model into the exchange mode, setting the URL to One day down, my station flow is 3000IP! Ha ha, cool dead. On the second day, I put the KOOIP traffic League ( code on the The first day of the flow immediately from the 3000 from about 4500. PV is tall, too. 1:15 (I use foreign space) this shows that the alliance’s IP quality is very high, not spam IP. Traffic kept going up for the next few days. A week later, traffic rushed to the 1W IP!! is actually very simple, it is a snowball promotion methods, as long as you stand to attract visitors, visitors will be able to retain people, of your web site, so down, use flow alliance, your promotion is more handy. I do not know because of the flow of the relationship or what, I stand in the station for fourth days, Baidu has been included.

I said this, you may have thought I was in the publicity, advertising, don’t believe me, then I tell you, you take a few minutes to register a ID, and then put on a long time, and then look at the results, as long as you.

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