Personal experience of soft writing

concept of soft text

soft Wen, as its name suggests, is the meaning of soft advertising, she is relative to the traditional hard advertising, the soft language is a prominent feature of a "soft" word. Business planning advertising planning personnel or personnel according to the enterprise marketing strategy for the company’s products or services by writing skills, practical articles, attract the attention of readers, the readers they need spiritual food but also deeply the enterprise brand concept, branded in the minds of readers. In order to achieve the effect of soft marketing.

one of the soft writing techniques: article entry point

The so-called

is the entry point of the article, the author wrote this article from the direction of what to write, write this article from the perspective of what you say or write about what is the theme of this article, this is simply the starting point. To give a simple example, such as "how to sell your product through the Internet", the entry point of this article is "network sales", which is well understood. Take an inappropriate example. It’s like chatting. When you’re trying to find a nice or pretty guy to chat with, you have to find a topic to talk to so that you can chat better.

soft text writing skills two: Title

you must have heard the title of the party, the title of the title of the party is the writing is very good, very tempting, people have to look inside, but read the contents to find this article a bit useless, writing is very poor, but the title is very eye-catching.

although the content is very poor, but the title of the article is very good, the reader or click on, and that still has effect. The most important thing in soft writing is the title, the title is the punchline, if the title up you of this soft, is tantamount to the success of the 1/3.

a simple example of "2008 Chinese ten rookie network marketing", the big cattle from the title bar, the love of network marketing will click to see that he was thinking of his own! Even if 10 people are not very powerful, but this effect is still out of soft paper.

soft text writing skills three: author


is soft, will pay special attention to the soft point, if it is in the hype person, company, product, then the name of the author of the article and they must not have any contact, otherwise easily by the reader as soft, speculation. For example if you want to write a "China 2008 ten network beauty", and ten beauties are among the author, then the author of this article must be signed by a people do not know the name.

soft text writing skills four: content

soft writing, the most important thing is the soft Wen content, a good content is the reader can seriously see the necessary condition. Is also to convey the author concept and soft text marketing effect maximization must have "East"

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