The site should always remain fresh not to allow users to feel aesthetic fatigue

is the happy net very hot? Is it very hot on campus (is it called Renren)? 51 is it hot? Is SNS very hot? The answer is yes, and very hot, very hot and extremely hot. SNS and e-commerce should be the two most popular words in the Internet in the near future. It seems wading SNS has become a popular trend, from Baidu, Sohu, Sina, the Internet giant Tencent, to small and medium-sized websites grassroots, seem to want to have a try SNS, a piece of the action. It’s like who doesn’t do SNS these days.

hot SNS aggregates a large number of user groups. From white-collar, office workers to college students, these people constitute the main force of SNS users. As it seems, SNS’s user base is stable and growing. In fact, with more and more sites to test the water SNS, competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. Although the positioning of major websites is not the same, but the diversion of users is inevitable. Although the current status of happy net nobody can shake, but the loss of users is certain. On the one hand, because of the fierce competition, more SNS websites divide up the flow of happy networks. On the other hand, it is the loss of users in the entire SNS industry. Not just happy nets. That’s the problem with all sns.

, happy net friends from time to time to manage the farm to steal food, every day to grab parking spaces, the sale of slaves, workers enjoy playing these games, but recently many users began to get tired of this every day SNS’s life, and even some users at Taobao selling his own account. Most of the users may feel fresh at first, but they always enjoy the SNS website every day. But after a long time, they always feel tired, tired and fresh. The author is also a loyal user of happy net before, however, after playing for a while, tired, happy account has not been registered for several months. I believe that like the author of the few users. Many users are in a boring, lonely state of online entertainment, such users are most focused on entertainment experience, when the site is not fresh, there is no new tricks, they will choose to leave. Now SNS in a new influx of users, old users continue to flow embarrassing situation, although hot still, but no innovation, lack of freshness, will become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of SNS.

can be seen from the SNS example website freshness is how important, Adsense nets satisfied in retain customers increase website viscosity not to focus on the user experience of the website, promotion strategy, but also to learn to always keep the site fresh, do not allow users to feel fatigue loss on the site of interest. In order to maintain the freshness of the website, the most essential thing is to update the content in time to ensure the originality, quality and interest of the content. At the same time, do your homework on the function of the website, dare to innovate in the case of meeting the user’s needs, and let your website arouse the interest of the user as much as possible. The author has some suggestions on how to keep the website fresh

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