nvest in Co domain names with careful personal experience about their strengths and weaknesses

this week and even this month, the hottest thing in the domain name is the open registration of the.Co domain name 21 this month. Maybe it’s because twitter announced the opening of t.co for short URLs, so it’s so hot, but if it’s a personal investment in.Co domain names, I’d advise you to think twice before


in recent days, the major IT websites, as well as webmaster networks, have published a series of reports on.Co domain names, and the users have responded well to them. Here I’d like to talk about my views on the.Co domain name.

mistakenly earned advertising fees

online there is a saying: because.Co is a m less than.Com, so there must be a lot of friends in my hand and point error of domain name, the registration of a baidu.co or taobao.co such a large site, and then make a parked domain, some GoogleAD advertising is also good. Personally, if it is the wrong hands, nor less input a letter? I often hand wrong..com went.Con, because N and m are close, and I do not look at the keyboard, so if the mistake make money by hand, than to the registered.Con, but no this domain name. But now many browsers support web site prompts, like I used chrome and Sogou browser, just open the Bai and press enter, directly into Baidu, which gives you the chance to.Co the wrong hands that step? Remember the.Cm domain name out, a bunch of people say the good suffix.Com hand, easy to cause the error earn traffic, now who still remember.Cm


sells to related company

is now popular in terms of domain name protection. For example, Google will put the country domain name prefix of each country for Google registration or buy down, but if you do not sell, even to you, the last penalty is usually returned to the Google company, here involves a domain name protection. Of course, google.co, you are not registered, and even if registered, when the lawsuit will also be awarded to Google company, because you call malicious registration. Then you can sign up for baidu.co or taobao.co and sell it to Baidu or Taobao, so they can also protect these domain names. I personally think that Baidu and Taobao will not spend money to buy your domain name, they do not like Google can cross the world to open search engines, they can only walk on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. There is some ideas of registered business entities, they did not have a good ".Com" domain name, ".Co" is also good to persuade them! I think this is more pulled, I now company three spell.Com domain name registered by others, because you were robbed, but we the company has no contact with others, registered.Net.cn. Perhaps the investor gave up, and when I was good, that domain name to be deleted, but also by another domain name investors registered. I contact investors as an ordinary person

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