February 2008 literary website rankings

spring 2008 literary website ranking

data source: iResearch iUserTracker… Induction: www.zhaishu.com


1, the starting point of Chinese Web www.cmfu.com www.qidian.com (new domain name)

starting point Chinese net (www.cmfu.com) was founded in May 2003, the beginning of the Chinese network, formerly known as the starting point of the original literature association. It is the absolute originator of literature website in Taishan. Since the acquisition of Shanda, the traffic has gone out of hand, and it has become a major issue in Chinese literature websites.

2, Sina literature, http://s.book.sina.com.cn

With its "father sex wave", this undisputed China’s largest portal, Sina’s

literature has a unique background advantage. He can hold a hundred words for his use. However, many of his works have been published, and can not be fully copyrighted, the flow will naturally be a big difference than big brother.

3, look at www.17k.com

togetherThe website

backing temporarily not clear, but in 2006 when the site in the station to play crazy pop novels as well as the click on the ads meant it is a rich Lord to burn in the literature website. But the author has been suffering from a good starting point monopoly, not as a starting point the website like Zhu Xian epoch-making works, there is a section of its website VIP charge works rarely lead to other websites can not form a sensation on the network. Flow since promotion, always in the original position wandering.

4, Jinjiang original web www.jjwxc.net/

, this is a website for female webmaster. Chinese women in the webmaster, has achieved some success, but if the ranking, then the webmaster may be ranked second only to Xuan Xuan. Website is bought grandly now, but grand actually undertakes, it is the role of an angel investor. The entire site is still operating and operating in the Jinjiang team. I hope she can do better later, it’s not easy to be a webmaster. It’s not easy to be a female webmaster.

5, QQ literature, http://s.book.qq.com

Sina doesn’t comment. It’s similar to


6, novel reading network www.readnovel.com

with novel fortune hotlinking starting point. The early stage was the beginning of the novel. Late transition, do original literature. At present, the original literature has a certain popularity in the user base. But give him a suggestion: change a domain name, this is more difficult to remember. Ha ha,

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