A small BBS webmaster do station experience

, I’m a small forum. Ha ha, I define my own this way, I have set up my own forum for five days, and I also have my own experience. So write about the forum you set up in the last few days. First, I am a manager has a certain influence on the computer and other forums, but not the administrator, a gentleman and I walked out of harmony but not sameness, their own, get their own forum, I was walking in the original forum have done a little publicity, did not go with a membership. Because I think this forum also has my efforts, I do not want to split up, I went away in silence.

knew nobody except the old boss. So a person to engage in a forum, I feel very bitter, I decided to run away, so he went to Taobao to find space business, for a few dollars, and I had space from ten o’clock at night always bargain about more than 3 in the morning. But the space dealer still refuses, and I have to obey. Bi, my price is already very low. 1G 700M space and 300M MYSQL database. Only 200, ha ha.

has space. So I began to set up the forum, I was in the original forum is responsible for the activities of this piece, on how to get the forum is really not, so one night, I specialize in how to install the forum. Well, I’ve been working on the forum for a day. I also sent a post here, not installed at the beginning, but later found that it was only a small problem, the name of the database wrong,. Okay。 Forum fix. There are two days in the middle of something, and I haven’t got it, so it’s been another two days. On the third day, I would like to open what sections, I think a long time without a direction, and later on the set plate, and I have done almost the same place. Basically, they’re all taken over, backstage settings, and so on. It’s been another day. Yesterday, I went to the various forums to send publicity posts, ha ha, I today in those forums on-line, I found that I was blocked by a lot of forums ID ah. In fact I want to those letters I ID forum to say, even if I do something wrong, it is not until the crime, when the forum closed my ID I swear I will not on these forums, you can also understand what these people I just do the forum ah, who do not want to mention the high popularity of the forum and enrich their own forum inside the content. If you do not advertise, it is difficult for these people will run over ah. So I called my classmates and friends, not on these forums, because a person to do a forum has been very bitter, but also to give you a ID, so that even worse behavior. I never want to promote my friends not on these forums, someone to advertise a forum is really not easy, until today, almost all fix, but I found no one except me a registered member of the administrator. So I increased my propaganda. Finally, I have a registered member today. In fact, I would like to say something to the registered member. If you want anything from my forum, you can take it, except for my account. Really a person to support!

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