Exchange links have little success how to create high quality backlinks

first, please remember, soft Wen promotion is the biggest advantage for your web site to bring high-quality reverse links.

then talk about the reverse link, in fact, we often talk about the chain. To put it simply, backlinks are from other websites to your website. Different backlinks have different quality levels, and the search engines specify the differences. It is worth noting: many owners in the understanding of the benefits of the reverse link, began to exchange links with other owners, but this simple pages link exchange does not bring any benefits to your site, because the search engine that mutual praise is not credible, and unidirectional praise is more reliable.

as the search engine more and more intelligent, he can judge the key links through the context analysis whether there is abuse, if there is a large number of keyword, then the search engine may be regarded as cheating. When the webmaster realized this, they began to give up the simple keyword stack, and use the soft text for promotion, soft words appear, the number of words is relatively small, and more natural. So, the webmaster began to write the soft text to many websites contribute, hope they can adopt or be reprinted several times, so as to improve the good context of high-quality reverse link quantity.

although I have been emphasizing the promotion of soft paper’s greatest value is to produce high quality backlinks, but must pay attention to the multiple case in soft Wen promotion (spam), if too many times, the search engine will tend to be regarded as the link exchange, it can bring you the weight will be reduce, which is certainly not so bad as link exchange. So it seems that the link exchange is the worst way.

so, owners should think deeply about how to avoid being seen as search engine spam problems when using soft Wen promotion? I found some Adsense by modifying the same article to deal with this problem, I think this way is very good, just slightly relative to the practice, I think more changes may be better. For example, if you want to write an essay with 300 words, you can write a 350 word and send it to 20-25 websites. Then, by cutting 50 words, you’ll have a similar article. You don’t even have to modify the title and then send it to the 20 web site. You can also do this iteration, every time you modify the article, the search engine is not showing the same article, so that he will not take this article as is spam.

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