Personal website to succeed my four experience

how can a person do a successful website? This is a question worth thinking about. My website is also not a successful station, I talk about this topic with you, maybe a little armchair. Four main points: name, hobbies, opponents, updates.

: a website name easy to remember

1: the name of the website should be within four words.

the name of the site can not be too long, long remember others, such as NetEase, Baidu, Google, Yesky,, you can almost breath out sites are relatively short name, and generally in four words.

2: domain name to be short, control in 6 words is the most ideal.

domain name long, it is difficult to remember other people, but also can not remember, it is difficult to have repeat customers. For example, Baidu Inc. Taobao NetEase, here I want to say is that the NetEase before the domain name is, although it is English Chinese expression, but it is not ideal, with China conditions, I compare the value of Pinyin domain name, such as web,, because the first two words behind it the domain name is the name of the website of the phonetic abbreviation + school, although not very good, but overall is still possible, is a good domain name.

two: think about your hobbies.

1: you can stick to it until you love it.

Chairman Mao said, "it is not difficult for a man to do a good deed, but it is difficult to do good for a lifetime, not to do evil, borrow and alter it.". It’s not difficult for a person to update a website one day. The difficult thing is that you update it every day. So how can you make the difficult thing easier?. That’s love. Because you like, you won’t take him as a difficult thing, you will take it as a happy thing. A good scholar is better than a scholar.

2: you can become familiar with what you do only if you have a hobby.

you love something, you learn it, you know more. There is a saying that entrepreneurship starts with what you know. Only when you are familiar with this aspect can you know what other people want and what you can give them so that your station will develop.

three: think about your competitors.

1: fewer opponents, the better.

competitors are few or no competitors, is the best. Now many people create a new term, they can send a pen. For example, WEB2.0’s proposal made a lot of fire, because they didn’t have an opponent at the beginning. More opponents make it difficult.

2: there are opponents to consider.

if you have an opponent, and this opponent is already strong

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