Group buying website will become the most commercial and potential project in the area

1. Conceptual interpretation and market analysis

"good and save money" is an immutable and unchanging standard of living since ancient times, especially in today’s soaring prices. People are more careful about shopping and spending. Therefore, in the life of common colleagues, classmates or friends, together to the same business procurement, so that businesses to provide lower prices, which is the original form of "buy."".

group buying, that is, group purchasing, also known as collective purchasing. Is generally called by an individual or organization, will have the intention to buy the same product consumer organizations, a large number of manufacturers or to the total generation buying behavior, so as to ensure the quality of products, low price and service guarantee. Group purchase of goods generally have higher brand awareness and improve the larger market share, customer service service system, good service, stable product quality, can withstand the test of time, can provide the enterprise and product information etc. complete.

according to the survey, the main products of the group include decoration, building materials, household goods, automobiles, real estate, household appliances, training, computers, digital products, daily necessities and so on. The rise of group purchase early in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen City, has rapidly spread in the major city, become a modern fashion, the pursuit of many consumers shopping, because it can effectively prevent the immature market profiteering, personal consumption, mass consumption blindly boycott bubble, let consumers really enjoy the "good and save money".

buy group can bring the above advantages: first, participate in group buying can effectively reduce the transaction costs of consumers, in ensuring the quality and service of the premise, get reasonable low price. Buy essence is like wholesale, group buying is equivalent to the number of products purchased at wholesale price. The group purchase can be decentralized, passive to active buy bulk purchase, so buy the same quality products, can enjoy lower prices and better quality services; the two is to completely change the traditional consumer behavior, because market transparency and information asymmetry, caused by the weak position of consumers. By participating in the understanding of group purchase better product specifications, performance, reasonable price range, can refer to group purchase organizers and other buyers to evaluate product fair, occupy the active position in the purchase and service process, to buy the real good quality and good service, reasonable price and satisfactory products, to save time, worry, effort and money the purpose of.

is more involved in the number of group purchase more able to get cheaper prices and better service, the traditional forms of organization by various factors such as information is narrow and low efficiency limit, lead to a large number of group purchase activities organization. Because of the large area popularization of the Internet and its many characteristics, through the network, the organization launched the group purchase activities has become the most important way, through the network to conduct a comprehensive information display, complete specifications of the various forms of interactive group purchase process, and so on, more in line with the modern way of life. Therefore, the professional group buying network >

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