t’s better to find excuses than to make excuses

web site, we always find all kinds of excuses, I’m too tired, I technology is not good, I don’t have time, so many, what excuse me, I just started to do the primary station network (www.ttzui.com), always find a lot of excuses, the program is changed and changed, change and change and this lasted for about half a year, what I got? What are not, so we can not find an excuse, it is better to find methods.

I firmly believe that those who like success must not like to make excuses for procrastination. Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Japan’s Matsushita group, is a person who never excuses for stalling. He’s the same for himself and for employees. He does not allow subordinates to make excuses for their mistakes at work, asking them to admit their mistakes and find problems at work. This makes the whole Panasonic group from top to bottom very few excuses for delaying the practice, so they become Japan’s elite enterprise is not surprising.

you must feel the delay and hesitation is the human most human weakness, but because it is natural, no obvious harm, so virtually delayed many things, therefore caused trouble, it was worse than the evil. Do you want to ignore the unforgivable mistakes,


1, no excuse for being a fool.

every morning, on the way to work or at breakfast, you have to say the following words to yourself:

, "I’m a man without an excuse.". I am responsible for what I say and do. I know what it means to live. My direction is clear. I know my purpose and do something with a sense of mission.

I act honestly, make my own decisions, and always try my best. I do not complain about my environment, and strive to overcome difficulties, do not think about the past, but continue to realize their dreams.

I have complete self-esteem, I accept everyone unconditionally, because in God’s eyes, we are all equal, I am no worse than others, others are not better than me.

as a person without any excuse, I am confident of my talents."

in daily life and work, don’t let me hear you say anything like that. When you want to make excuses, you think of me standing by your side, and I will humiliate you and insult you wantonly.

2, immediate action,

I want to tell you how I understand immediate action. In many a night, maybe the sleepy thick let me even a yawn to play, suddenly a very valuable idea coming out, it may describe a human potential release of the scene, may also be a useful idea. Well, whatever it is, as soon as I feel useful, I’ll force myself to get up and record it in my notes. This job may be difficult for some people, but it has influenced me for many years and has always been my success

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