How to operate a small local talent site

is now the webmaster more and more differentiation, that is to say to do all kinds of sites are not so bold, between the industry things more and more segments, some time ago encountered a small station, he asked me about the local talent website how to do, how to better operation.

he said he wanted to do a local portal site before, but the local portal site he felt it would be very difficult, because it involves a place to eat, drink, play, music, chat, housing, etc., involved in a wide area, so he wanted to do a on talent website, so narrow a lot, but relatively more specific.

so for a webmaster, how to operate a local talent site, person actually did the local talent site, but in the end did not persist, because some time is relatively long, slow development.

, first of all, let’s talk about what needs to be done.

number 1: content,

a talent website the most important than you in the promotion level how high or more loud, but a large number of integration of the first thing you should do is content, if you have no previous large resources to do for you, then you can own to create resources, but not the best site the acquisition, to really do it, the content must be true, that you will need to do a lot of offline work, with the enterprise or some stores to discuss the good, allow enterprises to truly settled into the platforms, of course this is definitely settled in the early free, you need to be offline the promotion skills.

second: online QQ group promotion

Online promotion QQ group called

, is that you have to make good use of the local QQ group, regardless of local QQ group is what some groups, as long as someone, so a person you have to publicity in place, a link, an article that I think is very simple, but people need to be paid attention to in the promotion of QQ group, don’t be afraid of being kicked or that don’t be afraid of being scolded, but don’t be afraid of being misunderstood, because this society itself is the case, you are doing something, there are always some people but they always feel not to the achievement you, so they will scold you. Will you play, but you need to do is what is your firm attitude, stick to your idea, you should do the determination, actually thought QQ group promotion and not so much, as long as you continue to add to the promotion, if one is Kick, then you change another QQ to continue, this is the determination to do it, there are many ways, but one of the most afraid of people who insist, a thing to do more than a dozen times.

third: line enterprise cooperation with the station

online, the first thing we need to do is to cooperate with the enterprise. First you have to do something for the enterprise first, that is to say, you want to make a profit later, then you need to do it first

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