Rely on the chain to do Google ranking is feasible

remember when just into the SEO door, often taught the relative Baidu Google focuses more on the link, is the high quality of the external links and internal links, and is also the anchor text links to Google ranking there is a certain relationship, then we can use the strong external links to get good


from the actual effect, ranking only by external links to Google is effective, especially for the popular words, the effect is good, but if you do 30 links, because anxiety is a popular word, if only rely on the chain effect or not too good for such popular keywords, comprehensive way is suggested to use in the best chain are optimized for the unpopular word, it can rely on some chains to improve the rankings.

undeniable is, the chain for ranking also has certain advantages, that we do in the chain when what work is must do,


1, first of all, we link the form to use anchor text links, so that it is conducive to the ranking of keywords.

2, in fact to find related website Links, because only you and the related website links, can let the relevant user into your page through other sites, but also can let you more clearly Miss Spider theme website, is conducive to the website ranking.

3, one-way link is best. Whether for Baidu or for Google, one-way links always have the highest weights. There are many ways to build one-way links, such as buying and selling links, posting posts in the forums, blogs, and linking. In addition, you can get some high quality weight one-way links through friends. If you want to get good one-way links, it’s a lot of trouble.

4, PR is Google judge the site is a good or bad standard, choose PR high, and included normal station and own web link.

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