To retain users remember to give visitors more freshness

in a QQ group to see such a dialogue, a: XX, why are you always invisible QQ not on-line? B: too many friends, on-line, it is necessary to exchange greetings, can not stand, brother has not been on-line for many years. A: you often on-line, and no one exchanged greetings with you; you are not on the line for six months, greeting people naturally more…… The dialogue scene must have a lot of people have experience with the current words, brother / sister has not just Q for many years, many people used to worry about Q stealth, online, too much the world needs to communicate, plan a save, simply perennial stealth. However, we often see every day hanging on the line of friends, see him every day online, there is nothing curious, and will not greet them, see more than it is not surprising.

we tend to be more enthusiastic and curious about the things we do not see very often, and the people who do not see each other and look down are not fresh and mysterious. The Internet every day, a lot of things on the Internet are also not get excited over a little thing. Some news has just taken place, and we’re interested in getting to know more about it. Once the media and portal bombings are reported, the focus is no longer on ethernet. Such as Google, Admin5 forum to discuss "7.21 daily daily review: Google to accept the rectification through inspection, it is time to return to the mainland, good horse eat grass" topic, I am not concerned about this matter. Before the "Google left" things discussed the uproar, and now gradually subsided, and see more, curiosity disappeared, things are not concerned about. And Tang Jun and Fang’s conversation about "qualifications", also from the beginning of the close attention, and now the matter is not off me, put aside.

how to maintain a sense of freshness, not only in life, we will encounter similar problems, the Internet will also think about this topic every day. A forum or web site may lose users if it is always on the same level. Of course, has formed a good stickiness, loyal users is unshakable.

learning. Did not say which sites, it is doing the best, even the portal; nor which site is Nothing is right., there is a reasonable, each can survive the site there are some places to learn, just to see if you see. I often go to techweb to see its industry forum, where the discussion is very interesting; I also often go to DoNews to watch the news, there are a lot of the latest news; I often go to Baidu billboard at the focus of Internet users; I also go to the local community in Pengcheng, see the side of things. Each place has different characteristics, if you can absorb hundreds of long, and cleverly applied to your site, it is very powerful. Take a look at the information of similar websites, can more easily see their shortcomings, better learning.

reference. It is not easy to apply what you have learned and how to effectively apply the wonderful parts you see to your website. I often see interesting activities on some websites and forums. I’d like to migrate to the A5 forum, but A5 faces users

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