The bright future of the QQ space code station

does not remember QQ code in the home hole began to pay attention to what when, just remember the reason you do this station just for fun, and, when the computer inside just a QQ space station source code.

began to stand, and do not consider the SEO, just put a bound program, a domain name, the domain name OK! No choice what, just put a domain name of the previous application ( on the binding, you see, how can such a domain name to Lenovo QQ space

code?The new

cloud program has a benefit that can be collected, which I have been very satisfied, so I love this program, but when the next site I did not rely on acquisition, a few days later, I have collected the data basically has been deleted light.

in fact, this code station is not how to publicize, I just do a little bit, that is, every day to update. From the beginning of the website (about mid February), I got up at 6 every morning to update the content for the website. Although the content is not original, but at least every article title I will all modify, content, basically can modify, modify.

is about 3 when the music in the middle, from Baidu to flow is 300-400ip, that really make me excited, then at a friend’s suggestion, I on the site of keywords and description were modified, site optimization I would only do this point.

update and then is to continue non-stop every day, and gradually, I began to see the emergence of save picture down, upload to other places and quoting them (because of my little space will not dare to my room.).

April 1st -4 2, the two days when the site of IP in the gradual growth of the situation, broke through the 800IP continued, really excited.

before, also heard friends said, QQ space code station is not good to do now, but I think I every day to update the site, some close to the original article, may be able to survive it.

in fact, my heart also understand this truth: there is no original content, or new ideas, the site can not become big.

, but an experience, an experience, that’s enough,

at the same time welcome the webmaster friends of QQ station and I exchange friendship links ~ Please add 251053448

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