Huaqiang North Gold survival Road Escape or left behindSimple talk about the benefits after keywords

, let’s get it straight. We can prepare several domains. No more, just 3-4. Then make enterprise station, such as a printer, then these keywords optimization to the home page, and then put these words of the site rental, or to talk about related business, and so on, in short is to catch fish to eat… of course, the choice of keywords is still very important.

now many people online to optimize the list, such as a 1000 yuan list, the company will need to optimize the key words to the home page.

before, the shop price "we have the final say",


Main Street walls, traffic inconvenience, dusty construction environment makes people flow sharply, on the other hand, the electronic components mall online showing the momentum of can’t be held back.


but how many people thought how much this would ultimately bring to the company? If there were no 20 thousand gain, the company would have failed in the choice of keywords. Key words inaccurate positioning, did not achieve the desired effect, the initial location of the station there is a problem. But what if we bring in a profit of $20 thousand? What did we do? We were just fishing with bait, and we gave the fish to the cat.

In 90s the

then Huaqiang North, is the cradle of entrepreneurs, the roots of heaven. In this small 1.45 square kilometers of land, at least the birth of 50 billionaires, also gave birth to the Tencent, the Shenzhou computer, Coship, gold card, English software and a number of well-known enterprises in the domestic famous.

in turn, keyword optimization is a SEO thing and is paid for. However, after we optimize it, first of all, the purpose of optimizing keywords is to make money, but we can not only earn money on the surface, we should analyze in depth and tap the potential benefits. I believe that shlf1314 Advertising will lose its value in the near future, and the real money should be to tap valuable keywords online.

then have a poppy Huaqiang North like magic: supply chain logistics, information flow, and the flow here intersection, formed the huge electronic distribution of the kernel. In the best days, here 1 square meters counter can be sold to 300 thousand, a shop application registration form can be sold to 50 thousand.

Huaqiang North Street in 2013 released data show that in the District 14 representative units, 13 of the average daily flow of 10%~20% decreased 4, turnover declined 6, rental rate, large vacant, and 5 appeared in the prices of the rent.

disc loss of business buildings, finally had to be at a loss to find the next buyers shop owners frequently become the norm.

this article starts:, id=114, reprint, please keep.

"that time can only boil", Zhang Jian told the first financial reporter. Zhang Jian’s counter is located in the center of the two floor of Digital City

with the development of the Internet, the rise of online electronic components, physical stores are becoming scarce. E-commerce sweeps the old economy, Huaqiang North lost past scenery. This wave of technology of ups and downs, and wealth. Someone left, someone dispersed, and its gold diggers are Huaqiang North is experiencing a long metamorphosis.

"before, the prices of rental shops were all up to us.". Now it’s how old you are. How much do we cut and talk about the price?." Responsible for Yuanwang two period investment manager Pan Jiandong said on the first financial reporter helplessly in Huaqiang north.

there is a problem here, and our hard work has been stolen by others. Of course, other people pay you. Don’t you get 1000 yuan?. It should not be called stealing, but exploitation at the most.

adds finally, if you can master the related business of keyword optimization thoroughly, so you will be very good and very powerful.

During the renovation of the

Huaqiang North is different.

century, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic District ushered in its most glorious moment. Businessmen here, when business is good, even millions of dollars. It became the first station of many young people in the south to the gold rush, Huaqiang North has a store of his own is their goal.

The new buyer has


March 2013 is an important time node Huaqiang north. Due to the construction of Metro Line 7, Huaqiang North Road Weidang, entered into the transformation period of four years.

, the "tide on foot" and "empty paved tide" are more noisy than ever. At its peak, leaving North Huaqiang in about three thousand or four thousand companies, the ratio of total electronic market in Zhengzhou city or Ji’nan are large.

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