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HRM — shlf1314 uses data analysis to redefine ten new modes of HR:

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unfortunately, the transformation process to become an innovative company is uncertain because most of the HR functions are now operating in accordance with the twentieth Century operating principles. Obviously, this kind of function operation belongs to the personnel management decision that can reduce the risk and conform to the laws and regulations. If you’re pursuing sustainable innovation, you need to reinvent the traditional HR, and shlf1314’s process will lead you to innovation.

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in a joint effort with the support of more than 2000 union members of friends, the development of the fifth horizon advertising alliance quickly and steadily, now the alliance has become China video network advertising agency directly under the strategic partnership. In the league and video Chinese negotiation, we succeeded in securing the video China agent right in the network of sales channels — high the CPS distribution

or more for the general CPS cooperation, the following describes the second CPS cooperation,

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‘s personnel analysis method is to accurately and quantify the most important and far-reaching personnel management decisions in an enterprise. You can’t produce excellent business performance unless your manager uses precise people management decisions. Many people think that product development, marketing, and resource allocation decisions are among the most influential.

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when people interpret the success to the leading shlf1314 Corporation, but the shlf1314 Corporation but firmly believe that success comes from their use of the excellent staff personnel management practice analysis "to succeed. This is a best practice for HRM excitement,

, a new type of personnel management,


implementation of the 100 Union is still 3 weeks payment system, the Commission quickly arrive. recommended owners to use Alipay

consumption, 30%. month Commission Commission website more than 5000 yuan, the Commission added to 35%


of each consumer, owners Commission 5% including renewals, means that as long as the consumer user, is the webmaster of lifelong money resources. For example: A users for the first time consumption of 50 yuan minimum current consumption, and continue to consume 300 yuan in 24 hours. Within a month, the average consumption the 6 China video service. So in this month, a A user can separate owners to bring 50*5%+300*5% *6=105 yuan. If it is successful consumption for 100 users or more, so the daily income webmaster can easily over 100. If the weekly payment of 1000. The alliance will also reward! Please pay close attention to


in the fields of finance, supply chain, marketing and sales, no one will be in the absence of a large number of charts, tables and data support situations in their respective fields and put forward the corresponding solutions, however, HR is generally considered too dependent on "trust" and "interpersonal relationship" to solve the problem. People spend almost 60% of the company’s available costs, so it’s important to use data analysis to manage projects that involve a large amount of money.

When technology and business mode of The first

CPS did not have any exaggerated, belong to the more conservative calculation. At present if there is understanding of the network video service station, can profit structure specific research video China, and she covered consumer groups, such services are now and in the future will bring sustainable benefits to the general effect the main site and Union. All Union chief commission payments are in order to advance the video Chinese, so no other existent problem of non payment of commission arrears and

ads! Executives at

for now, we have two models:

mode, you can directly receive ads in the union, mode two, please contact the administrator to apply,


, shlf1314, and other prominent companies recognize that sustainable innovation is unlikely to happen until the enterprise takes a strategic shift and becomes an organization that focuses on the management of good people. An enterprise strategy that focuses on people management is necessary because innovation comes from people. At the same time, you can’t maximize your creativity unless you have the ability to hire and retain innovative people. Even you have to provide excellent managers and innovative environments for these innovators.

transfers to data based personnel management


dear union webmaster friends:


this method is suitable for day IP> 10000, PR> 2; comprehensive ranking: 20W within, and immediately gains some large and medium-sized websites.

this advertising cooperation is based on the amount of consumption as the settlement model.

New thinking of The

however, each of these business decisions is made by employees. If you hire and leave most of the employees is mediocre, and you provide a small amount of data to them, you can only make a decision that is assumed, they will make a mediocre in these important business in the field, but also in personnel management decisions.


‘s remarkable contrast is that shlf1314’s success is largely due to the fact that it is the only enterprise in the world that uses data orientation to handle human resource functions. shlf1314’s successful business experience should be able to make any of the following

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