What’s the trouble with the second startup of the Android operating systemClosed shop Tide Frequency

fresh O2O earnings difficult difficult

original Essential official website to Brian Wallace job description

at the beginning of July 2016, O2O love fresh fresh bee also traced into layoffs storm, and suppliers owed money. The news, the company began a large area of discouraging employees, about 1100 people across the country will be reduced to the size of about 700 people.


closed shop tide, layoffs are frequent

difficult, with many variables. Expectations for the future of the company, as well as personal career development plan, affect the stability of the team members, executives turnover is normal.

, but Essential executives leave the time node is a little strange.

turbulent management

industry experts have pointed out that the domestic fresh electricity supplier industry from the field to the table of the operation chain is not completely open, transportation and personnel costs are too high, leading to fresh electricity supplier basically in a loss. Including the subsidy war, price competition and a series of actions inconsistent with the laws of the market, is an important factor to cause spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, closed shop tide.

August 1, 2016, fresh electricity supplier brand "fruit" issued a notice on its WeChat public number, said it would officially closed in August 4th, for reasons unrelated to the fruit, for profit, but to make it bigger and stronger too difficult to achieve the ideal.

April 7, 2016, by the Amazon shares of fresh electricity supplier delicious 77 announced the suspension of business, and the most direct reason for the closure is cash flow problems.

recently, once the development like a raging fire of fresh love fresh bee takeaway platform into the layoffs dilemma, the number dropped from more than 1000 to more than 700, the COO Liu Shuang also announced his resignation, behind the news one after another, is the key point of life and death of the fresh O2O turning O2O, fresh face exams, a competition or will be eliminated staged.

from the industry’s tuyere to the outbreak of the crisis, fresh O2O through a period of barbaric development, the problem has become increasingly prominent. Data show that the fresh online penetration rate is only 3%, to subvert the original fresh sales model, plus a lot of fresh O2O items are frequent closed shop tide and layoffs storm, to seize the market only burn war era is over.

July 30, 2016, the young monarch dish traced O2O enterprises to sell semi-finished vegetables mainly employs nearly two months salary arrears, and ready to bankruptcy liquidation. In this regard, the young monarch dish said, already talk about a good investment institutions suddenly bounced, the company funds can not flow, unable to pay on time, but not to the bankrupt liquidation.

this year, O2O industry ushered in the winter capital, and the emergence of the O2O venture project to get together a large number of deaths, blind enthusiasm is not able to support this industry prosperity, the scene was a groaning.after fresh, O2O is no exception, have been caught in a dilemma.

in 2014, Lubin left shlf1314 and created a new company, Playgroud global, to incubate and nurture new products. In May 30, 2017, Lubin announced his first new product, the smartphone, Essential Phone, which will be on sale in 30 days at Code Conference.

, but one person seems to be the exception. He’s Andy Rubin Andy Rubin. Lubin was called "the father of Android" – it created the Android operating system and sold it to shlf1314. Under the shlf1314’s dominance, Android has become the world’s most heavily used smartphone operating system.

It is noted that < >

prior to joining Essential in December 2016, Wallace was responsible for marketing in the augmented reality technology company Magic Leap cool; earlier he worked for Samsung, involved in the planning of the impact of the "Next Big Thing" marketing activities. < >

Essential announced on the same day the market in Britain and Japan plan, the media broke the Essential vice president of marketing Brian Wallace has switched to music founded by Will.i.am "i.am+" Internet music company as chief marketing officer. At this time, the company announced a new round of 300 million U. S. dollars of financing information, more than a month.

mobile phone is a very painful thing, because the money in this field can hardly afford new players.


O2O is not only the fresh fallen above several, according to incomplete statistics, the blue whale TMT, as well as the excellent dish network, Shanghai Tianxianpei, Ji’nan shopping network, Fuzhou hundred Fu, small fresh e station, soil Amoy network and a number of fresh electricity outage, or to transfer the other direction.

now has a 30 day deadline, and Essential Phone is still in sight. During that time, however, Essential’s management has delivered some disturbing signals.

"father of Android" Andy Rubin pictures: Asa Mathat / Recode

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