Analysis of the 20click model is MLM networkWhat else does the stationmaster do to make money beside

I don’t know if anyone has found that the minimum amount of withdrawals for this website is $30. The collection plus click cycle… About 10 days,..

The status of


has a car website offering free auto dealer prices. This information is usually confidential, and very few people will let you know for free because it will make the dealer lose money. The stationmaster paid for the information and placed it on his website free of charge. As a result, car enthusiasts saw his website as a reliable source of information, increasing traffic. Advertising revenue comes with it.

20click is scheduled to be full in the next 5 weeks. There are 4 packages each. About 500 people for each package,

site to attract traffic, and then sell advertising, the threshold is not high, many webmaster with free CMS software, to collect or collect some content, put advertising code, and then finished. It’s not a big problem trying to make a cigarette. If you want to live on this and even want to grow, it will be difficult.

, like shlf1314, has become the gateway to the Internet for most people, looking for information. New York Times has a lot of wonderful content, and so many users. These websites have their own unique place that can attract huge amounts of cheap traffic.

below, we analyze the website’s business model

. Such as the United States is the most developed country. Click on the ads 1.5 cents. Which is $0.1 yuan

? daysBut we have never thought of

and why can normal operation? This is actually pyramid pyramid pyramid structure

I have a friend who runs a BMW car forum in Singapore, and there are not many members. But the traffic on this site is rich, >

I’ve been advocating the running of your own e – commerce websites in many posts. Maybe some people will misunderstand that the website can’t make money by advertising. In fact, advertising is one of the ways in which the website is profitable. It is not difficult, but rather difficult.

this article no free field of original. Posted friend trouble to name


everyone knows that 20click is really hot these days. It’s a point advertising money making site,..

is unique, can attract a large number of cheap traffic.

but at another point of view, advertising is difficult, but once successful, it has unlimited potential. shlf1314 is advertising, and there are many big websites. Not long ago, New York Times online edition just canceled subscription subscription, the contents are all free of charge, the profit model has also turned to online advertising.

run e-commerce sites, we assume that your conversion rate is one percent, one hundred traffic, and one person bought your product or service, your profit should be at least a few dollars. Ordinary online sales of products, it should not be a dime.

so when 20click members are saturated… It’s time for long-distance races. I hope you take care of yourself!

received a deposit of 5x10x500x2+5x20x500x2+5x80x500x2+5x160x500x2=135 0000 yuan

Do you have a !

explain this site to me first… You can participate in an advertising program. For example a revenue of 10 yuan in the project. Need to click on a certain number of advertising. And you need to pay 20 yuan deposit. By the week deadline. A total of 10 yuan.20 yuan.80 yuan.160 yuan and other projects but also. At the same time to participate… Netizens see.. this is how good thing ah.. it is pie in..

is 1 million 350 thousand!!!

The wider the

The second direction of

10 days of payment date.. get 13 million 500 thousand.. if the station is long distance run… And then a few days without payment… About 15 million yuan. To the Internet’s high degree of anonymity.. run, catch, is normal.


wants to make money on advertising, you can consider three directions.

theme, the more entertaining it is, the lower the advertising price. Not only shlf1314, Adsense, such as PPC bidding, including direct transactions with advertisers. If your website traffic is a particular group of people with a hobby, and there is spending power, advertisers are willing to pay a higher price.

if you click on advertising to make money, and now the trend of advertising click rate is getting lower and lower. The price of each click may be low to a few pennies. One hundred browsers, advertising revenue compared to e-commerce sites, the gap is great. Chinese _ Webmaster Station, to provide power for Chinese website

is to attract highly accurate commercial value traffic.

and what exactly is the company doing to maintain such a huge expense? The time difference!

and 20click advertising is the minimum is 0.25 the highest was $1 per click… So high income 1 yuan… This is how can the advertisement of shlf1314 in the highest price. How can a small network company. And match shlf1314

is 2 times the margin because of the new members who join them. 1 members can feed 2 old users!

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