2015 Entrepreneurship anxiety outbreak yearChen Hua nternet new veterans do sing before the 100 mi


such as he returned to the regular army, but after can’t do anything. The development needs of the enterprise is, but by other non-technical zapaijun for the package. The military took a general procedure, low price, fast sweep enterprise, has earned the first pot of gold.

see more than 90 when they talk about the good guest CCTV talk, 80 have begun collective anxiety — seems not entrepreneurship is not.


in the first year after the baby is born, he decided to replace the frequent overtime, took the life change day. So back to Shandong home, recruited 2 college students, began to cultivate, do WeChat related cause – this was very popular at that time, mainly for local enterprises to develop WeChat public number, operation public number.

friend C no fruit in the WeChat business, choose to do a local life related WeChat public number + website, because the reason can not be named certification, certification can not get related interfaces, get relevant interface is equal to this cause and abandoned.

Author: Peng tough, Ye Yuchen,

in a sense, his life has changed a circle, from working for other people’s company, return to work for their own company, the most core is to rely on their own technical strength. Entrepreneurship is not once and for all, high dimensional space to the low dimension is not necessarily spike, or may be excluded.

in China, Internet veterans will never die, they just have to learn to change.

my friend, C, has the highest income in the circle of friends. He is a first-class Engineer in BAT, a leader in the computer field, has won the company’s internal awards, if you have been doing so, there is still room for improvement.


trial and error,

since 2015, my friend C has started his career: development. For the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and website development, the region is not limited, the demand is not limited. The technology has a higher threshold and less competition, and it has finally helped the company run.

singing office is located in Beijing, Sanyuanqiao, near a house called third home office, as simple as a courier company’s transfer station. It is a distance away from the CBD region of Beijing, but further away from Zhongguancun, where the Internet Co is gathering. Leave kuxun in Wudaokou after the office, Chen Hua start again, also chose to stay away from Zhongguancun.

is no wonder that Chen Hua’s name is too common in the country, whether it is a surname or a name. More importantly, sing, the mobile phone application red background, is filled with all kinds of "Kawai" elements and BlingBling feeling, and life information vertical search sites that do the cool Chen Hua in addition to text links no superfluous elements, looks really different; and sing "the most fashionable mobile phone KTV" product positioning, with Chen Hua’s own search engine no connection.

my friend W and his friend C have a strikingly similar experience. He is also BAT staff, is a senior media Xiaobian, in the circle has a good reputation and enterprise resources, wages and income is also quite good.

, but Chen Hua understand, this wave of mobile Internet application development entrepreneurs, in fact, many are in the previous few waves of domestic Internet start-ups in the peak of old acquaintances. For example, the successful launch of "fishing Master" game touch technology founder Chen Haozhi, had started a "car car" and "prosperity", participated in the operation of mobile phone application Yeeyan; "Iron Chef shook" founder and CEO Chen Hua is in the old partner Wu Shichun kuxun; even now the hottest Tencent WeChat Product Manager Zhang Xiaolong, was also the developer of Foxmail and the person in charge of Tencent mailbox. They have the skills, the experience, the lack of money and connections, and the mobile Internet gives them a chance to start again.


at the invitation of a friend, he chooses

when the Internet industry concern that many popular mobile phone application "sing" is the founder of Chen Hua, they did not immediately, this is the sense of Chen Hua, Chen Hua in the cool news.

can only accommodate a dozen people in the office is a typical IT startup scene: uniform male programmers from the air only heavy keyboard percussion. But every once in a while, the programmer will come up with a variety of microphone or mobile phone, will sing the song to sing, although they are not beautiful, sometimes even can’t hear the tune.

the purpose of their singing is not for entertainment, but for tuning, checking audio and audio filters for defects based on audio recordings, which is one of the main tasks of this group of programmers. It is hard to imagine this, so that ordinary people in the mobile phone to enjoy the fun is popular karaoke singing tune from this group of geeks.

2015, the key word for friend C is regression. Return to your skilled skills and familiar life.


sing founder Chen Hua Sina pictures

, what do you do,

was born in 80s, this group of people, the first 80 students who are 35 years old, sandwiched between standing and perplexed, character and mature, skilled work skills, industry contacts, economic foundation, when the life in the golden age, also may be the best time to start a business.

the late 89 born people also have 3~5 years of work experience, they are standing in the company and the company is at the crossroads, switched to a better business, or choose a business? The former is relatively stable, the latter’s risk.

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