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second, Wangzhuan is the essence of pitchman role, out of any advertising Wangzhuan is impossible.

Released last year,

ninth, no matter how well the development of a station, is not always there, the station about the survival period is one year, foreign stand for two years, therefore, must be done in a few stations, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

what’s the market after the 100 billion or even trillions of cars? It looks like the big cake is attractive, but at the same time it’s complicated and unfathomable. At present, China’s market in the post of various formats are extremely discrete, which is the average car age in China after the market is low, the market is still in the incubation period. This is the chief of the arena, factions infighting, fighting each other, the industry chaos.

currently has the largest car market in the world, with nearly 280 million car ownership, with an average age of more than 10 years. China’s car ownership of 160 million vehicles, the average age of about 4 years, compared with the mature market such as the United States, the market size is relatively small. As China is the world’s largest new car sales market, the industry expects ten years, China’s car ownership will be more than 350 million vehicles, ranking first in the world, the average age will gradually increase to 6~8 years. China’s future car market will overtake the United states.

sixth, is not less to do Wangzhuan offline, but not the more the better off, a fighting team is a guarantee of success.

CCTV 3 • 15 party, for two consecutive years after the camera aimed at the car market. This exposure is the second-hand car trading platform online car easy to shoot two sets of design background and the bully was exposed last year, Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz 4S shop through ailment overhaul profiteering.

Chinese automobile circulation association data, China automotive after market size has exceeded 700 billion yuan, 5 years will be more than 1 trillion yuan, referring to this data is only the narrow sense of the automobile market scale, namely vehicle maintenance, beauty decoration modification, car maintenance and vehicle directly related to daily maintenance services market size. Prospective industry research institute report said, 2015~2020, China’s car market will remain in the 10%~15% market growth rate, is expected to reach 1 trillion and 435 billion yuan by 2020.

in view of the future development of the post market, >

this year in the CCTV 3 – 15 party, automotive consumer complaints related to ranked first online shopping accounted for nearly 20% of the total complaints, including customer service problems in the process of customer service, including the service standard, opaque price, accessories not only for repair and maintenance of such problems.


currently, the Internet thinking and massive invasion of capital, I hope to change the pattern of car market. However, DOA, many have touted the car market after the O2O project have fallen across the cold, O2O’s business model is suffering from a severe test.

seventh, send a post is the most convenient way to recruit referrals, I summed up about 60 posts, recruit a downline.

fourth, if you do Wangzhuan is to make money, do not easily invest real big advertising company won’t you this small membership fee, you care about this membership fees are small companies to grow up, you rely on this company is impossible.

third, the theory of income in reality is, as you develop 10 line, each line will develop 10 people, by pushing, it is impossible, in fact is 100-15-5-1 this is the four level line results.

eighth, promotional conditions more favorable station, the more likely it is a liar station, do foreign stations must see clearly, is not to pay for the people, grasp the new station, do it quickly, old station, cattle stand adhere to the principle of doing.

Abstract: when the car O2O downturn, Internet plus business model is to accept the challenge of the market, some investors gradually by enthusiasm tends to calm, to avoid "empty", the car market after the investment more cautious.

fifth, the same time and energy to pay, to do foreign station income is 3-5 times the domestic station, which is consistent with the level of economic development of the country.

first, do Wangzhuan the appropriate level of gas and, step by step, not grandiose, blind optimism. Do Wangzhuan is a long process, is a process of learning and accumulation, the upstart concept is not desirable.

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tenth, do Wangzhuan can earn money, the answer to this question is yes, as long as your life is not very luxurious, is completely possible.

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