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specific activities are as follows:
1: I believe the majority of the members have registered the PK king ID and full of wisdom in the game was the king of PK, confrontational PK game, in order to win 24 and fight. For 167772 yuan prize, keep trying, use your wisdom.
2:PK2WIN thanks for the game player today, held King hundred new year PK, delivery bonus. Since you take part in this activity, within 24 hours, as long as you play 100 games, regardless of the winning or losing ratio and the final outcome, PK2WIN will send you 2 Yuan directly. After you get the bonus, you can go directly to the PK game at grade 7 or above. Win 4 more games, you can get 10 yuan in cash. If you don’t want to cash in and win another game, you can get 20 yuan in cash.
3: I believe that most of the members will complain about the problems in the game, and now the Chinese PK king has been reduced from the original answer to the bright question. There are 5 kinds of problems. After you are familiar with them, they are no longer annoying things.
4: play a game of time is short, 15 minutes can play more than 10 innings.

did the chips really go to the end,

formothion, Kickstarter in the United States, Indiegogo, the congregation raised platform, as well as Cabin, Wicoz, Trasense and many other Hard Suits Inc from China projects and products are overseas users accused. These companies are too much more than fruit, when they raise the success of the site in the Kickstarter after all, let all the chips for several years, has not yet shipped, finally causing foreign netizens condemning, such as "apology", "trash", "liar" and "refund" this the words in the congregation raised platform everywhere.

iPhone with a camera, infrared obstacle avoidance, GPS automatically follow a takeoff and landing, real-time image transmission, compact, only 120mm wheelbase, carbon fiber blades, mobile power can also buy 10000 ma." This is to introduce formothion to raise public projects.

advertising Description:
PK2WIN aims to provide a more clean and healthy environment for the China entertainment network users can realize free games through advertising sponsorship, and also be able to obtain material rewards. We design the ladder type upgrade system is a very rigorous algorithm based on can provide users with low to 10 yuan, up to 167 thousand yuan bonus, while all the game outcome by strict anti cheat system to protect the rights and interests of game player.

but unfortunately, video is just video.


, a heavily shrunk unmanned aerial vehicle

265 union
MAIL:[email protected]

all through membership website advertising guide became the king of PK registered users, all the number of games played in 30 days are recorded in the account, according to each 0.015 yuan settlement. The more you play, the more commission you have. Users A in 30 days to participate in the game number of N, then the webmaster B can get 30N× 0.015 yuan = 0.45N yuan Commission amount. According to current statistics, PK2WIN users play at least 30 games a day. That is, 1 valid, at least for the site master B contribution 13.5 yuan! This CPC or CPL Commission is much higher!


under a series of rhetoric, such as "exquisite design, science and technology to create unbelievable", "insurgents in the industry, with 360 degrees of capture, we conducted a full feasibility study, from design to production, and strive to every step of perfection". Aflix UAV record they want to raise public miracle, also received the Shenzhen municipal government Branch Bureau "no"

this is a GoPro style advertising promotional video: beside the vast expanse of the sea, a wearing black sunglasses, wearing a white T-shirt man standing hand in Boulder a drone almost smaller than the palm of your hand jumped up, toward the distant sky. This is the city of Shenzhen Sheng Xiang Technology Development Company Limited hereinafter referred to as "Sheng Xiang Technology" launched UAV flying formothion palm self launched to raise page promotional video in the Jingdong.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

In addition to

even if the drone "small white" users, to see such a wonderful picture, it is difficult to move. The project originally planned to raise 1 million yuan, but ultimately to score 3 million 500 thousand yuan over the task; in the United States after second to raise public website Indiegogo, formothion UAV also completed a huge amount of financing of $3 million 310 thousand.

thank you all for your continued support of the 265 union!

in fact, after one or two years of explosive growth, the prospects for all chips are getting more and more questioned. Data show that, despite raising the amount of financing industry continues to rise, but at the same time, all the chips down platform is also one after another. 2015 year, the country has at least 40 public chips platform failures, 26 public chips platform transformation.

UAV delivery, suffered domestic and international users raised one-sided criticism, in many product details suspected of false propaganda.

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