GG Adwords sued GG Chinese really legal fraudZhang Zhaoyang explore the state of anxiety free

" has been changing and has become more satisfied now."

Sohu’s move toward technology driven strategy began in the wake of the 2004 review. For Zhang Zhaoyang, this action is not the time to adjust the company structure. During this period, the importance of technology and products will be constantly established in the team, and gradually identify and select especially talented and competent people into important leadership positions. This is a slow process.

Transformation: show? Mature?

"Hall of fame" and "Boss church" frequently "show", "Silence" of nearly two years of Zhang Zhaoyang recent high-profile up suddenly. Anxious Charles does not seem to want to rely on clothing and words, Zhang Bo has to pay attention to, and try to show the spirit of the thinker enough to satisfy people’s appetite.


      see the news yesterday, said a spokesman for shlf1314 shlf1314 ICP have been approved by the government, while watching the news I was very surprised, ICP license is issued in accordance with the functions of the government departments of administrative examination and approval procedures, rather than an enterprise to get the government issued on the issue, what time will you do award award, shlf1314 control of the China government? I don’t think of it, actually approved and issued two completely different legal relations concept, only issued, the enterprise operating behavior is legal, but not issued approval, its operating behavior is still illegal! We all know that an enterprise must engage in business activities in the legal the scope of business, beyond the scope of operations, which belongs to the national limit trades, or must obtain a business license, but not made, their business activities is not protected by law, < People’s Republic of China Article > of the contract law; fifty-second of the following circumstances, the contract is invalid: fifth paragraph violates the mandatory provisions of the law and administrative regulations. The Supreme People’s Court on the application of the "contract law" on a number of issues, tenth, tenth parties beyond the scope of business contracts entered into, the people’s court does not confirm that the contract is invalid. Except in violation of the state’s restrictions on the operation, franchising and the prohibition of business by laws or administrative regulations. Simply put, that is beyond the scope of operation, without legal protection, the contract invalid.

this year, he did not give enough media topics, such as the quiet Sahara desert, the reason is to be closed. Now that the new car is on the market, the desert is suddenly enthusiastic. Just after the noise, still find, this for marketing Sohu and bold show man is a little more moderate. In marketing means, he transformed from appearance to heart, and began to impress people with the eyes of doctor of physics, the experience of setback and fame and fortune, the study of psychology and the history of Chinese revolution. His theory of anxiety even grabbed a group of old people who would never go to the internet.

, Zhang Zhaoyang’s growth process, changes in China’s Times

, he said, this transition is a mature: "one of my characteristics is true, and now is not the same as before, people are in the development of change."." This is also related to the growth of Sohu: "if Sohu did not go to today, this transformation is relatively smooth, I can not explore the so-called" no anxiety ", and concentrate on thinking, not disturbed."

      why say our ICP has approved the shlf1314 wait? In June 14, 2007, the Beijing A thing has its cause., a netizen Mr. Wang to buy shlf1314 ADWORDS because of fraud and other reasons, the shlf1314 sent to Haidian District people’s court and to borrow shlf1314 ICP flying company, the court formally accepted. Because of this, shlf1314 can say their approval, shlf1314 for two years in Chinese unlicensed activities, in accordance with the Chinese law, the entire contract should be invalid, that is to say, shlf1314 how much revenue China Internet users, Internet users must be returned to China, so Mr. Wang’s behavior belongs to the public interest litigation, but shlf1314 PR really badly, when the news media did not know, he said he is legitimate, what are the purpose? How can we imagine how difficult it is for a netizen to fight with the world’s largest Internet company?! In accordance with the Chinese law, enterprises do not have the qualification for operating the case when the contract is invalid, after the useless, we Chinese enterprise no error is the laws of the United States sent millions in the United States, tens of millions of dollars, and American enterprise in China illegal business as long as 2 years but no one tube? Who will protect the interests of Internet users? So, shlf1314 you two years of illegal operation in China, you must give Chinese netizens a statement! shlf1314 please don’t say you got the approval because you’re today >

Sohu became the twenty-ninth Olympic Internet content service sponsors, Zhang Zhaoyang suddenly disappeared from the line of sight for nearly two years. At the anniversary of the countdown to the Olympics, he suddenly jumped out of the television to capture the technological transformation of the Sohu 3. Under his call, more performance blog moving events, once make opponents crazy.

he says he definitely doesn’t want to be a good, anxious man.

for a new round of the show, he looked happy, confident in: "I still have a lot of experience in marketing, to seize the social excitement."

"this is my summer offensive leadership, because it relates to technology, I grasp the product technology, recently caught in marketing, so the whole from technology to products, brand promotion, offensive in the summer I was very satisfied, I jump out of propaganda, it is coherent, I all blend into one harmonious whole. I feel very good."

‘s "Silence" in the last two years was the day when he thought about the implementation of the technology strategy.

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