What is the potential of the automotive nternet Content resources will be a point of supportLei Jun

says B2B’s business first. Intelligent vehicle systems, such as: Ford’s SYNC voice control technology, modern vehicles, based on MirroLink intelligent systems, general motors, built-in infotainment systems, etc., basically require pre installed. In addition, OBD related businesses often require vendor coordination, because such data is not completely public. And Telematics, this is a very historical industry, the major car manufacturers are also very keen, such as: GM’s OnStar, TOYOTA’s G-Book, BMW’s iDrive, Mercedes Benz’s Command, Ford’s Wingcast, and so on. One thing is clear. These systems were not based on mobile Internet, and should now be developed in this direction. China’s growing number of domestic cars, it seems that there is opportunity to appear excellent Telematics equipment manufacturing and service providers.

.". Although I know today’s millet is too early to succeed, it’s too early to talk about beating apple, but the dream is always there. What if it comes true,

front and rear loading. The former refers to the equipment or system which is installed in the vehicle before the factory leaves the factory. After loading, it means that after the factory leaves, the owner buys the equipment, the service, the service or the service organization to help to install. If the system is to be installed, it is necessary to establish good communication with the original manufacturer and obtain permission through the testing of the original manufacturer. The whole business is B2B, and vendors tend to be more aggressive. After the installation, you need to establish sales channels, depending on the degree of difficulty of equipment installation to determine whether service providers need to participate, may be B2B, or may be B2C. Even B2B, the channel compared to the original manufacturers, the general will not be very strong. This kind of business is important to your brand.

TechWeb reported on November 25th news, millet technology founder and CEO Lei Jun talked about the dream, he said in a speech at Peking University, "a dream is a simple matter, the key is to have a dream, you can put into practice, how to practice."

millet technology founder and CEO Lei Jun

According to Lei Jun

summed up his 20 years of work experience, Lei Jun put forward a suggestion for the classmate: first to have a dream, to set the target of second step by step to develop the stage goal, don’t worry; third, should pay attention to the importance of the opportunity. Lei Jun believes that some very smart students feel smart and diligence invincible, actually only intelligence and hard work is not enough, how to grasp the opportunity, how in the correct direction, it is also very important. Zhou Xiaobai


, millet is millet to accurately grasp the opportunity to take the intelligent mobile phone replacement time, NOKIA can not, apple just up, millet came into being, with a set of new mode, in a short period of 3 years which became the first Chinese. In fact, the growth rate is far beyond imagination, 3 years down, this year about 65 million mobile phones, the turnover will probably be 700-800 billion.

here uses the term "Automotive Internet" to refer to an industry combining automobiles with the internet. In the automotive field, I do a lot of investment, including: BITAUTO, China auto rental, excellent letter shot, car car, etc.. Talking about this topic, very interested. Americans will expand into the Internet mobile phone, all of a sudden, the very influential social networks are a bit inferior by comparison, was robbed of the limelight. Mobile Internet sweeps almost all industries. Most people’s lives, property and cars cost are the most important two pieces. Real estate investment, car consumption. The car Internet will certainly attract attention.

again, for personal business. Light mode taxi, car rental, driving on behalf of the rapid rise in the country, these are directly facing consumers. Taxi birth difficult to shake the call car, fast taxi, the role is to facilitate users taxi, the driver also less wrong road. But now the fare increase model may be stopped by the regulatory authorities for raising prices in disguised form. Without this price factor, the driver may be less interested in the installation because the car has been difficult. Well done abroad is ZipCar, bought by Avis $500 million. RelayRides and Silvercar are emerging. Domestic this part of the main problem is the generation of driving and the so-called "black car" problem. But as a whole, these services and products that face individuals are very dynamic markets, and are also the easiest to innovate

"dreams are the first step towards success. After you have made the first step, you must prepare all kinds of solid foundations for your dreams.". The last word was famous. "When a typhoon comes, pigs can fly.". In fact, this expression has two meanings: first, there is no solid basic skills; without diligence, there is no success. Second, with diligence, with a solid foundation, but also not necessarily successful, but also need an outlet, grasp the great opportunities for development, seize the opportunity to have the opportunity to succeed." Lei Jun said.

"Take myself for example," Lei Jun said. "When I was 40 years old, I didn’t forget my dream of 18 years old. I went to try

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