Collect some typical cheater websitesRed Wangzhuan see how use group to catch the flow

ZoneBlaster www.zoneblaster

3Apes www.3apes

may have some friends will find a lot of links, but most of them are more than PR5 of the webmaster community, we simply can not tolerate such new, but in fact we build new station is such a group of people who most need. Later, I also tried to build link groups, each stage is separated, and it turned out that we are really active part of this group.

this station only contacts Email address, no contact, no company address, no telephone number,

below has collected some typical network Swindlers Company and website, please be careful with our Wangzhuan friends, so as not to be deceived.

previous Shout-Ads or NetMagic: in England, this station is suspected of fraud. Its address is not current, and the phone number is invalid. The company promises to pay up to 20 cents per cent, but its Treaty Treaty promises to pay only 10 cents per shot. Before Shout-Ads company owed advertising fees, ClickAgents wouldn’t pay for it.

CyberThrill/IEE / Casino Fantasy: www.cyberthrill

second: do group, one


first: use the group of others for promotion,

1, the first group and set almost saying qinzeixianqinwang, first find and your website content is close to the theme of the group, occasionally send small ads inside, but you don’t send too much, or group you T out for a long time! But this is not a way, traffic is short the few people often come to watch. This is we rely on him for help, we can put your site specifically for them to set a plate, let him when the forum management, attitude must be sincere, so most of the main group will gladly accept.

2, identify the entry point, I had my friend an antidote against the disease for the promotion, I added a lot of group, the start and I almost, then slowly began to close, I began to send some small ads like the beginning, many people went to see, but later I found out that no, not long term. Then I tried a little hair, but online, what time will have more people do not know the line basically, later found that is not a good way, so I think later, brewing a. This time I was looking for a group of active friends who spoke well, and made sure they needed such a link, and it turned out that I was right. I sent at least 20 people, 15 of whom were registered, and I’ve been happy to see these results for a long time.

to promote this topic a lot, but almost all the theories, some read, some cannot read, understand and do not know how to do, I am always respected by , and some of the forums, such as resource free blog promotion, in this period website promotion friends, I also learned a lot of things, but also some have some experience, today the golden Wangzhuan out to share with you, I hope that friends after reading some of you more substantial help, I am also indebted forever.


stands for fraud! The site at Offshore, casino, promised 20 cents per shot. Registered through the network, displays the address of CyberThrill in the United States Nassau the Bahamas, but the actual operation of the company Internet Entertainment in Quebec, Canada Tel 514-931-2572. A lot of people have complained about CyberThrill but please note that participation in gambling through INTERNET is illegal in many countries and that it is in arrears with advertising fees. The company often creates new domain names and companies’ shell names.

1, group, a lot of people will have a feelsponsor, what should be considered the main group, one not careful he will take you to T, now basically is to see the main advertising, see T, visible people hate others domineering on their own turf. So we use our group is king, want to send hair, no one tube.

ClickAgents www.clickagents

, these are the two most notorious Swindlers Company. Absolutely no money.

, http://s.rotatorqueen, and http://s.stonediver

3, in fact, even if it is their group, it should not be so unscrupulous hair, and ultimately only groups of friends


when the salary is very attractive, but is always paper wealth, do the next station only 2: one is never to pay, two is in your soon to pay by giving you a knife slightly cracking

typical Swindlers Company. If you are not a native of the United States, you are advised to give up… Because you can’t get the money.

authentic liars! Their website is like an odd personal homepage, what they claim to be

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