Facebook’s past frustrations and today’s bottlenecks2016 the year of the fall of Unicorn

, this is a huge gift. Its significance for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is comparable to WeChat’s small programs, and even more. Zhang Xiaolong stressed that "restraint", "that is used to go", early even two-dimensional code diversion is not given. Facebook, as the biggest social platform at that time, allows external applications to appear on the first screen and information stream rather than as small programs hidden below the two level menu, and more directly to the full set of API, Table >


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finance wrote a shared bike. The writing is good, let people personally on the scene: "shut the door and turned to Zhu Xiaohu redwoods, boarded the Hillhouse capital founder Zhang Lei in Hongkong’s luxury yacht." But compared to dozens of VC mechanism for a clique, I was more interested in the details:

today, Facebook’s default interface is Feed News. But if you’ve used the early Facebook App, you’ll have a fresh memory of the square interface Renren used it as well. It is simply a replica of the iPhone main screen.

why live only 1/10 of a month’s Snapchat, will make Facebook so nervous, all the source, may have ten years ago from the failure of the platform reform began to talk about.

appeared in 2015 with a huge collection of Unicorns valued at over $1 billion, mostly in Losangeles. What are the future of these mysterious creatures, income, dark horse, profits, horse race, or cash cow, or their myths collapsed and quickly overwhelmed by the dust of Internet history?

the similarity is no coincidence. Early in the 2007 F8 meeting, Zuckerberg announced to build an open social platform: "any developer can build applications in the Facebook ecosystem, and shared 24 million user data in the flow of information, or even get a push notification authority.

Mironov worked for 20 years in Silicon Valley, and in 80s he worked at Tandem computer company in Sybase in 90s. He also joined AirMagnet company, SlamDunk network, iPass, enthiosys and Suddenly Social. At present, he is teaching product management courses, and related consulting, but also wrote a book called "art of product management".

Mironov, a teacher who perfectly recreated the history of Silicon Valley, made us even more aware of why Silicon Valley was the center of world technology. Looking back at the optimistic history, I told Mironov that I was working as a science correspondent for the Wall Street journal and The Associated Press in Losangeles during the 2001-2002 years of the tech boom. Then I saw the local economy bleak, the city is full of unemployed workers of science and technology, start-up companies have been closed down, everywhere empty office.

, in November, at the Berlin innovation leadership EMBA class in Berkeley, California, I asked his mentor, RichMironov, for his views on the prospects for the recession, and his prophetic predictions surprised me:

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

Facebook once wanted to invest in ofo, but DST’s founder, Yuri Milner, firmly persuaded the ofo board not to agree. Facebook, the world’s biggest competitor, is actually Tencent, and Facebook will not enter China for a short time." An insider said: "now you and Tencent are not enemies, nor friends, but you took the money of Facebook, you are the eternal enemy of Tencent."."

Jessi Hempel once wrote on Wired that "we should stop talking about unicorns in 2016, and that after all, this magical creature is probably just a horse with a plastic horn."". But it’s difficult, CBInsights, a research company, reported a total of $525 billion worth of estimates for 150 companies considered to be unicorns. In 2009, there were only four Unicorn companies like this. The ranks of Unicorns are growing,


‘s "eternal enemy" is not very smooth, and is even lost. Just let Instagram use Snapchat pioneered Story function is not enough, Facebook simply let all its App Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook all draw on it again. Last month’s F8 conference, Zuckerberg was even pointed out that the statement copied the Snapchat prospectus.


Compared with the market value of the Tencent, which exceeded $300 billion a few days ago,

Glader author: are we experiencing another irrational exuberance in the field of technology and economics, or is it the case of our past,

Mironov: financial markets have their boom and bust cycles, technology >

"the next six months to a year, there will be an important company no longer profitable or in other ways make mistakes," he said, "when this happens, everyone needs to find their way." *

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