MT student founded Pixable was 26 million 500 thousand acquisitionDo Wangzhuan project two skills

, a technology to make money by technology, then you have excellent technology, this person will usually choose their own website, the website traffic to earn advertising fees or sales on their website products. The methods are not able to immediately, because the task or things to be known to have a process, and not your site will be built immediately a lot of people to visit, it will promote their own websites, many people do not have the patience, built station also had a promotion, June did not pick up, so give up. Based on this situation, I think we can see some relevant aspects of the tutorial on the Internet, now on the management of personal website tips a lot, if you really can see some things, and do you still will have the effect of.


Pixable was created by several students from MIT, a photo aggregation tool that uses intelligent algorithms to filter the most user – friendly images. On line three years ago, its App downloads have more than 4 million times. Recently, the New York start-up company was acquired by the Singapore Telecom Company, the purchase price of 26 million 500 thousand U. S. dollars.


for users, if you like funny pictures, you’ll find a lot of things you like on Pixable, which may come from websites such as Facebook, 9Gag, Levato and so on. If you like a star, Pixable will help you grab pictures of stars on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.

Singapore Telecom has 462 million mobile subscribers in Asia and africa. The acquisition of Pixable, is hoping to use Pixable technology to provide more services for their mobile phone users, such as through intelligent algorithms to help users filter and collate photos and other content.

Pixable is founder of MIT background, technical nature has its attractions. Pixable uses machine learning intelligent algorithms to intelligently screen images on the network, and then to match recommendations based on user preferences. This approach is very popular with users, more than half of the Pixable users will be on Pixable every day to see what you like.

two, this experience is a process of accumulation, now the general novice new Wangzhuan, do most is a code, survey, click on the ads, I have also done these projects, but it is not to earn what money, take the code to say Wangzhuan if you are familiar with, on the keyboard, in a code fast, one day to play three to four hours will earn 5-10 yuan, but it is generally only half a yard, sometimes wrong, sometimes eaten. The result is only more than 100 yards per hour, even if 10 hours only more than 1000 yards, and that kind of code speed, who will persist for 10 hours?. However, most people are still smart, after a period of time will go to their agents, and then a level one, do a long time, and know more things, or will be better. The two aspects above is the higher skills, I think it is the combination of the two, I believe that over time, technology and experience will be better, to earn more money. >

now with the popularity of the network, many office workers after work, have a lot of time, some will use this time to play games, some want to use this time to find a part-time job for what on the Internet, to earn money, an increase in income. Following Wangzhuan is more up, but in order to find a good Wangzhuan Wangzhuan in so many projects is not easy. Why do you say that, first, now online liar is also fancy people want more income of this kind of psychology, come up with tricks, that is endless. Really can say that only you can not imagine, you can not do without. Second, if not a liar, tired not say, do more people, competition is also big, this price go down, a day down, can not earn any money. But it is not to say that there is no one to make money, instead of a lot of people in the Wangzhuan is pocketed the money. Well, how do they do that? It’s not difficult to see that those who make money are either skilled or experienced. So, if you want to be like them, then you have to be proficient in this one.

for the acquisition, CEO Inaki Berenguer said, this can help Pixable get more users, especially in emerging markets. But the future of Pixable will still be an independent product exists, it is still unknown.

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