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below is Yao Xin’s fifth phase at Feng man’s hospital.

, on the one hand, editors such as the author like to tell readers what type of article people like to click on.

2008 is my fourth year of entrepreneurship. In the first half of 2007, we completed the B round of financing, leading by Silicon Valley, a very famous investor, DFJ, which brought us $about 20000000. At that time, the video industry entered the competition era after three or four years of training. A string of capital and a string of good founders jumped into the industry. According to incomplete statistics, the first half of 2008, the entire video industry’s venture site about more than 150, of which 4 and 50 have received at least 10 million of the financing, the industry lost 4, 500 million dollars. We are one of the 40 and 50, and although we do a little earlier than the others, there is no doubt that the whole market has entered a red sea.

on the other hand, if you follow the reader and give them what they want, your website will eventually become almost naked Miley · Cyrus, plus some sexy cat slide pictures.

"shlf1314 Analytics is too rigid for content publishers and their content," says Blumberg Jon of Soberg. "The company is investing primarily in seed wheels.". " can see not only the effect of content, but also the time, user type, and other relevant information."


but if more and more websites turn into digital versions of people, please blame editors and don’t blame developing tools that help them make these decisions.

Yao Xin, founder of PPTV, investment partner of blue Chi ventures, concerned about artificial intelligence, big data, networking and unmanned driving and other fields. is a company that provides cloud analysis services, and many large companies use their products, such as Atlantic, Media, Ars, Technica, and Masha>

the 2008 Olympics were a very important moment. My earliest business is because I like sports events, like watching the ball, there is no television in the dormitory, I developed the PPLive software, and made a popular campus campus applications. 2008 Olympic Games for us is very important: on the one hand is their own business, a sense of achievement moment, on the other hand, the industry competition is very important – catching hot spots, the Olympic Games is the hottest year. The beginning of the video industry, early traffic gap is not great, about 20%. If anyone can get the copyright of the Olympic Games, there will be hopes that within two or three months less than two or three times the time. Even if the Olympics are over, the forecast will increase by more than 50%, and the Olympic Games will be the winner for us. Beijing Olympic Games today is also a historic moment. This is the first time that the Olympic Games have been commercialized and the network copyright has been operated. When we wanted to buy the copyright, CCTV gave us an offer

this article was issued by WeChat public equity capital ID:fenghouziben licensed I black horse.


a story worth 150 million yuan

in the contest of web browsing, knowledge can be a " a dangerous ".


these development tools include the common Chartbeat and shlf1314 Analytics, which are used almost every content creation site. But these tools are like hand axes and saws, very common, but not the most powerful tools. In contrast, is more like a powerful saw, this development has just entered the market, real-time analysis of Dash services, provides a powerful and flexible way, not only can see whether the content of good performance, but also to check the headlines of the dissemination effect, comparison, and follow the different sections of a website and most important, all of this is real. Not only that, it can monitor where visitors come from, and even in some viral marketing areas, you can track some links to related posts of micro-blog.

moderator just simply introduces my experience: my business for ten years, from the angel round, A round, B round, C round, D round, E was finally sold almost seven round, most of the time has 18 shareholders, circling back and forth between the 18 investor. In ten years, the core partner team was reconstructed three times, and the early founding team was established, adjusted, then established, adjusted, and each time it was a big challenge for itself. The video industry I live in is a very competitive industry in the Internet over the past more than 10 years. The average death rate in this industry is 90%, and there are few companies that can survive the A round and B round. Share with you some stories and three tips today.

today, have a little bit of help, the A round of financing obtained by Grotech Ventures led the $5 million investment funds and other investment in Blumberg Capital, FF Venture and FundersClub. Capital, according to the news reported this morning, the investment will be used to expand the company’s sales, marketing, and Engineering and other related business.

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