No team is not alone in entrepreneurial farewellTaobao shop how to avoid second hand supply

ask, what our country most, there is no doubt that most people, who created the labor force in our country is not worth the money. It is because of cheap labor, so the boss will often be squeezed, if you think you are the excellent style, most of the time, the boss will only be more a step to the press, finally left the slag.

team is not alone in this venture, farewell! Words you have feelings, not to say that a person’s strength is small, but the team has more power.

said so many things that have nothing to do with the business, just want to say why I want to choose entrepreneurship, do not choose to work.


finally see under the path of commodity picture, this is very simple to find the baby in the description of the details of the map, click the right mouse button to select the attribute, see picture address, look at this picture and you open the URL address is the same, if you can copy image address intact www.xxxx .Cn/.n>


secondary sources?

the so-called "secondary supply" is to supply you businesses themselves and no products, but agents of other business products, and development of lower agents.


says this, we can only from the businessman’s website or store begin to understand;

identify secondhand goods?

film and television animation together before the graduation of students, some to do some insurance, to do the professional thing to do animation, some go to gaming, but I have to continue to indulge in the Internet before admission. The seemingly ridiculous things happened around us. Think about the distribution of ridiculous agreement, Graduate School of promise, do your own CV, you invest in different companies, a company hired is assigned work.

say Mr. Zhang joined the Qingdao a garment factory and agents of their products, but Mr. Zhang itself does not rely on manufacturers to purchase, on behalf of, and your agent is Mr. Zhang’s products, so you find the goods is the second-hand goods.

has a lot of students in college, some students compare the tragedy, the first semester will be sent to the factory the name of the name of the work practice, the monthly salary to get the bulk of their school, take a fraction. Listen to the factory friend said that the annual graduation season, have a car and a bus, open to their factories, this is the so-called college admissions work assigned.


second, service is not guaranteed, including customer service, delivery orders, returns and other problems, you must go through Mr. Zhang to complete, but Mr. Zhang may not allow you to directly contact his family, so that it will be on dealing with some issues become very slow or not up to what you expect.

what’s secondary supply,

many in the new open shop early for sourcing experience, in order to build up the shop this morning is to choose the supplier in a hurry, after a period of time that business is not good not to earn money, the biggest reason is that you may find second-hand source.

then look at the website can find the phone, if there is no contact phone so it is sure that the supplier is not a company but the personal, the most serious is the liar, if the site is eight by doing business will not leave any contact telephone number, is he afraid of customers to call him as

our ancestors once said, Two heads are better than one. Everyone firewood high flame. So that many people have more power than a person.

the day before yesterday with a friend on the local website yesterday, and another friend also talked about the local website, has said, local websites need a small team of operators, if just one person, I think this person of ability is futile, shuangquannandi four hands. Especially the local site early, looking for business cooperation, there will inevitably be businesses Poser phenomenon.

reminds me of these things often say, why is there a BMW car? Three.

has recently been several online friends and talk about the website construction of things, because of the network of people, business website made us the best solution, I asked myself, put the computer from your life away, what will you? I was shocked, yes, I in addition to computer, what are No.

I do not deny that many people work very well, life can be good, do not deny the existence of many workers, there are many executives of celebrities. But the workers always work in people’s radiation, often still has a strong sense of oppression, if there is a job I love, also said in the past.

first find suppliers when looking at his website, the first site is already in the national communication department, a formal company to build the site will use the host, with the host must record, if the foreign host such as South Korea Hongkong America, this server is not to need to record, but a formal company would not make such a choice, the Internet for the record is a good website must go through the process of

How does


so your price is high, the competitiveness of the market will be reduced, at least you can not afford the price war.

What are the disadvantages of

first, second-hand that have been transferred to you, then the price will be higher or profit will be lower, because the manufacturers give a price of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang to give you a price, so you get the price higher than the manufacturer’s price, human nature, Mr. Zhang also in order to make money.


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