How long is the road to a successful stationRespect road science and technology in the fifth vision

report: Chongqing zhundao Technology Co. Ltd.

fifth horizon advertising alliance was founded in the fall of 2007, from its website officially launched, after six months of development, has developed into the main site more than more than 3000 medium-sized advertising alliance, the influential advertising alliance itself become the main force for zhundao technology acquisition of its alliance. Although the existing service alliance is not perfect, but the statue of Taoist believe that, when the fifth horizon advertising alliance into zhundao technology advanced service concept, the alliance will again burst of vitality, will give the website >

fifth horizon advertising alliance, look forward to your joining!

graduated more than a year, when college love to do web site, but I have never done their own personal station, always so obsessed with the program. I hope I can study hard and find a good job after graduation. But I have been working for over a year now. How difficult it is to survive in this agitated society, I chose to be a personal station and travel in the internet.


June 4, 2008, Chongqing zhundao Technology Co. Ltd. officially announced the formal agreement with the fifth horizon Technology Co. Ltd, acquired its brand products fifth horizon advertising alliance www.the5v website title. After the acquisition of the fifth horizon alliance will completely restructured and revised, fifth new horizon advertising alliance will become the majority of owners rely on venture homes.

zhundao technology since its inception, the dynamic development of long-term and close attention to the Internet, the Internet industry for the Chinese, is always brave struggle to achieve their own success, the vast world of self value, the Internet industry is a sunrise industry will never fade. We are very interested in science and technology and the strength to seize the market, its auxiliary industry service diversification, build service brand new content.

report: Fifth horizon advertising alliance

fifth new horizon advertising alliance is expected in late June formally to the majority of users to meet, we will launch such as registration send money, referral and a series of preferential measures to give feedback to the new and old users, and there is a major surprise reward waiting for you to patronize the alliance. We believe that your support and recognition, is respect for science and technology towards new hope for tomorrow’s long-lasting power, we have reason to believe that in the near future, the fifth horizon advertising alliance will become the flagship brand of Internet advertising industry, and as a model of driving the integrity of the success of the other side to the end.

made a webmaster friends very well, he told me that he was now the site a day income of more than 100, because we still have a good relationship, I begged his promise told me to engage in traffic, but not a search engine, I paid 100 dollars, but now I know why he only charged me 100 block. Because my station only lasted less than a month’s traffic, but this month I traffic soaring, I was doing the movie station, hang a certain alliance, do is network advertisement, website daily IP are on the rise, 10002000, the peak time to the 8000IP Alliance on income from 20 pieces every day to day 200 peak time. I also hang their GG advertising, said the movie station can not do GG, but I hold it is not to make money, not by the idea of K has placed a small GG module in the above, every day there are hundreds of hits. But the price of the poor, but every day there are $10 revenue, the end of the month to nearly 300, the settlement day, I received their first GG fee, now there are more than 100 knife inside to wait this month can not adhere to the method of settlement, he taught me every day, but this is not long, a month after the method doesn’t work, my income is almost zero, experienced change radically, I do not know what taste, let me know the network can really make money, let me understand what is a long way, only have to pay hard, so I decided to start from the new start, do a qualified webmaster, I will stick to that day to believe they can succeed. Also hope that the majority of webmaster honestly do stand, but if you have your own way, can make money better, no matter how

graduated from now, I have been in a network company procedures, wages are very small, excluding rent and living expenses, the moon moonlight. Almost no surplus, remember last year’s new year home. The body is less than 1000, otherwise I don’t mind shabby, hard to school is now back in the new year this? I made my personal station of a colleague in a crowd, the intermediate code station, met a alumni, can earn $10 a day, so my heart surging, start the first station, and most of the owners to stay up late, sh419 search, all website promotion methods, the first is sh419 included, was first included in GG makes me happy can’t sleep sleep at night, but joy after is depressed, every day to 100IP to two months. I really lost confidence, is my personal webmaster doomed to failure,

zhundao technology was founded in 2007, with the background of the strength of the group company and the advantages of unique and innovative business philosophy, business scope includes computer software and hardware development, sales, technical consulting and technical services. Zhundao technology’s rapid success, cannot do without respect people adhering to the enterprise build their own "customer first, treat people with enthusiasm; products first, customer satisfaction" service concept. The spirit of "mutual benefit, mutual trust and mutual benefit" of the market value, Zundao technology is committed to establish good communication with customers, customer demand is always put in the first place, to complete the high standard. As we proposed the establishment of the initial technology company name based corporate culture as a "respected quality, abide by moral", "respect" service concept to every employee and customer’s heart.

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