Eoe founder how to build 2 million users of the developer community he moved to online educationAdv

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I decided to self-study, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has a twenty-four hours open room, every Thursday night, I will be in the room all night self programming, the second day or even the next few weeks to learn to run their own code again.

?As a webmaster,

I was in 2002 the college entrance examination, basically did not go to class, every day bubble study room, by self-study, admitted to the computer department of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I am a professional course of "Introduction to computer" will fail the exam, because it is his mother ten years ago I learned knowledge, feel useless! this so I have to brood on.

follows Jin Yan, founder of EOE, dictating:

in 2005, I was very fortunate to have 3, Kuang Jian teacher, I love his class very much, because he does not love echo what the books say. Because of his class, I started to wit

my knowledge of Computer Science in the university is basically not learned in class. I soak up all kinds of programming forums, go abroad to collect information, and therefore know a lot of like-minded people. Including Yao Yao, co-founder of eoe. We met in a forum on learning Ruby language, and then we went abroad to translate source documents, together to collect learning materials.

as a "deviant" geek, Jin Yan a skill from Internet resources and community programming. He broke away from the traditional education system, not to go to class, but can write China’s first Android tutorial "Android development portal and actual combat", did China’s earliest Android training.

, how do you build a 2 million user developer community? EOE founder Jin Yan’s answer is from content to user.

learning programming on the Internet

I’m from Tianshui, Gansu. My parents are teachers, father or headmaster. But I never liked exam oriented education since I was a child. I think learning knowledge is just for practical application. But China’s education does not seem like this.


I dark horse note: This is EOE founder Jin Yan started the "gene", he learned the computer knowledge, are from the internet. He broke away from the traditional teaching system for many years, were removed from the various Internet programming learning community, and even personally involved in content production, a programming technique which. He believes that learning programming should not come from the traditional education system, because the field is too new and too fast. For example, Android systems are updated every 3 months, and many computer departments have not yet opened Android programs.

, a learner who has an Internet mind, can become an expert without the traditional education system. And he has set up the EOE with this system of thinking, and now he will use this system of thinking into online education, the establishment of "geeks college."".

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