Wuhan Shanghai Dragon love Shanghai final grave is the love of Shanghai

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belongs to the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhou Kaihua’s personal point of view, you please don’t take it personally:

In turn, we see

love Shanghai, according to our webmaster should know, keywords Shanghai dragon of a website, as long as the love of Shanghai products in their head, are hardly over, this is really in doubt, the author optimized the key words many websites, are so simple for example: for example, a simple moncler down jacket, the word. The optimization of the word requires only a month time basically, and the phenomenon of following up, looked at the head of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, because love is awful, the Shanghai encyclopedia in the above, is not the moncler jacket encyclopedia. The moncler encyclopedia, and down encyclopedia, a little above words, there are actually two love Shanghai encyclopedia, occupy two, the other two is actually the love of Shanghai know, and a website for five or six years in the home, out of four.

for the noble baby Chinese exit market, almost become the nightmare, many companies suffered heavy losses in the night; but according to the approval of the State Ministry in 2011, noble baby may be in 2012 officially entered the China, approval has been down.

has a record of such interview for Shanghai Longfeng in some old webmaster himself, I asked many webmaster, there have been similar factors, but they are how to treat this kind of love Shanghai unfairly? They actually chose to give up love sea encyclopedia words, give up the word however, other choices are not love Shanghai Encyclopedia contains words, found that only the long tail key.

to a new site, a high traffic keywords, but can not get the ranking and flow, this is what I think? According to the observation of long time, love the Shanghai encyclopedia covering almost all fields, as long as the relevant keywords, will immediately appear to fall in love with the sea. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love on the road, almost all the owners pressure in the head.

, why love Shanghai eventually grave love is the Shanghai encyclopedia? This is not without basis. Perhaps many webmaster know, many large Internet Co have their own search engine, but really do well again a few? Is a NetEase or Sohu "have"? "Sogou"? Or Tencent "soso"? No, the world is divided into two search engines different "camp". Are noble and love Shanghai baby; but according to love Shanghai and noble baby growth path, we will find that in the intense market competition, the Chinese people love Shanghai has been in the top stand strong position, perhaps because he is Chinese enterprises, but the nobility noble baby baby, customer market is some enterprise customers for enterprises to customers, the baby can easily let them find the nobility not deceived information more than love Shanghai.

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