Xiao Wu on the optimization of independent blog

two, link quality

above two blocks on the general people understand, but how many people can persist? Xiao Wu insisted more than a month of the original, more than a month.

Independent blog

link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain, inside of the chain is the main blog links in the article, to reflect and some related articles, reading and other aspects were recommended. The link with the two general Xiao Wu anchor text in an article, is not recommended with too much. Those who ask relevant article recommended, generally can be accomplished by calling or some optimization plugin. Such as the WordPress plug-in a lot, very perfect, Xiao Wu’s blog is the use of WordPress built.

independent blog content is different from the general professional website, blog content can record some in life, some of the ideas, and these things write up is not very difficult. These are all original. The quality of the content is the guarantee. The author in the Hefei Shanghai dragon blog, every day a original article, when Xiao Wu communicate with some friends, people will be very curious asked, one day a original, how do you do? You do it. Xiao Wu think, if it is a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, have the most valuable wealth is unwavering execution and a persevere in patience. Xiao Wu believes that many webmaster can do it.

, the quality of the content

chain here don’t emphasize is of high quality, it also needs to be emphasized, while the link quality is very important, but Xiao Wu that is far better than nothing, do not blindly to the pursuit of high quality links, not high quality links, we will not go to add links to the website, this is wrong. Of course, we also need to link relevance, can also be appropriate to add some related links, so as to ensure the universality we blog outside the chain, so as to enhance the website link popularity.


now is still very popular, many webmaster circle friends have their own independent blog, but some have fame, while others are some common roots, is the same. We set up an independent blog is nothing more than to record their life feeling and experience sharing, learning and communication. But if the Shanghai regional dragon, such as Hefei Shanghai dragon, is often a comparison with their peers of the contest, or to see their own strength, many of my friends say, do regional Shanghai Longfeng not what practical significance and difficulty is not great, but if it is let you do it, you will do well? Who can guarantee this? Etc.anyway. Optimization of the way here to talk about the independent blog.

how do independent blog optimization? Some friends had consulted the author. In fact, independent blog optimization and other website optimization is not much difference, but independent blog more easily optimization. Website optimization mainly includes two aspects: content and links. Here are two large to explain.

Here the

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