The standard for the exchange of Links nine

1. Shanghai dragon or sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the first to have website snapshot, whether website snapshot or slow snapshot, but the first is certainly the website should have been included in the website snapshot, if, when a few days ago to find a friend chain found that the site has been PR3,4, but love Shanghai is included for 0 or 1, is only a bare home, this station even higher PR, love Shanghai punished, we exchanged only incriminate himself, but many novice webmaster do not understand, others see the PR high, also very good talk, ask for, not knowing it is digging a hole you jump ah. The site is included is the first principle of exchange chain, a snapshot of the speed problem, although the official reason is love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot does not affect the site’s ranking, but after 6.28 big love Shanghai K station, many website snapshot is stuck at this time. Even many websites are not even the love of Shanghai. So long as the snapshot within a week, basically can be changed.

?Whether it is Google

on an article the author analyzes the "major chain exchange platform analysis", a detailed analysis of the major chain exchange platform, in this section, the author focuses on the analysis of exchange Links several factors. Our company’s three sites are suddenly being K, check the chain, so that basically is done by the K out of the website chain, which has a website even with three friends of the chain are K, so I removed the first time in their chain. So, we can see the importance of a chain, each other directly affect the site’s ranking. Exchange Links is one of Shanghai Longfeng daily work, so exchange chain should see what

2. website PR value. Maybe a lot of people say that Google PR has withdrawn from the Chinese market, then why do we need to look at the site of the PR value? Although Google PR had once dropped out, but Google officials later acknowledged that Google PR still exists, so the PR value of the site is one of the standard exchange chain, may not be higher than their own, as long as a can, of course, can change to PR higher than their own is also good, but it depends on the output value of PR.

3. PR output value. In fact, the website and has a lot of outbound links that is equivalent to the site of the outbound links, according to Google official blog to a website that too many outbound links, then its PR output value is very low, the weight that can bring to other sites is lower, if a site of outbound links is less than 0.2, then it is not necessary and they exchange the chain, because the weight is too low, has no need to exchange. There is a webmaster tools to detect a chain, will automatically calculate the other site PR site of the PR output output value, the higher the value, so it brings you the higher the weight, in most cases the outbound links more than 50 PR, the output value is below 0.2. If you really want to say how many outbound links can change within it, so 30 to >

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